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Re: friends w/benefits
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: friends w/benefits

There seems to be a consensus among some here that I'm judgemental about the sexual histories and so forth, etc. That's not the case. However, the one person that referenced my personal faith in Christ, she was right on about that part of it. But I'm not a fire and broomstoner. I voted for Kerry. I want to clarify my position in that area, first and foremost.

And I speak to you a professional 20 something's that has some confidence about his physical looks, etc. Therefore, I've dated several attractive women in my life. I'm very social, etc.

But when it comes to this issue in particular, I am devout in my beliefs about what's right and what's wrong. And nine times out of ten in these types of areas, women are the ones that happen to get screwed over more often than not. All of the college aged kids in here can continue to believe that "Love and romance" is defined by having sex on a beer soaked bed during a Saturday night frat party if you so choose. Some of the other women can continue to tell themselves that they're just as horny as men are, etc, but deep down you know the reality, and that is that you have merely caved in to this particular area of dominance imposed by my fellow males. Ask yourself whether or not you're truly more comfy in those g strings riding up your buttcrack, for instance. If that's not the case, than why are ya'll sportin' um these days. Perhaps the answer to that question may lie in your subconscious.

Sexual intrigue is part of life. Everybody gets horney from time to time, in other words. We can't deny reality. However, there's a big difference between its inclusion with love and that of just a simple act. Those that go out to bars and nightclubs for sex really are cheating themselves if they're a woman. It's a lie, that type of act, one that is commonly driven by intoxication, etc. We're not wild animals, you know, we have a conscious to make a wise decision if we really want to. My point being to all of this is that there's plenty of proof that people can hold off on these urges. I have, and I'm a male. It can be done, and it makes life a lot easier that way, certainly less complicated.

Of the ten or so women I've dated in life, I admit that back at that time I felt lust for all but a couple of them. But I never acted on it, regardless of some of their suggestive behavior. There is only one of them I truly ever loved, and I'm the one that botched that by having to move away. The one I loved was the prettiest of them all, but I think she only wore make up a couple of times when we out. She was the one that didn't show up with her ass hanging out of some glitter stretch pant outfit, no tits were ever observed hanging over the dinner table, nor was she was one that happened to give much thought to the fall fashions of that particular year. I felt dignified everytime we went out, in other words, and I happen to be a fan of maintaining some class in this day and age when so little of it remains.

We did charity work together once or twice, and we took afternoon trips, etc. It was real, she was real, unlike the rest of them, regardless of how "Beautiful" they might have been.

In terms of my personal history, therefore, I have the benefit of not having all too many regrets hanging over my head, you see, and I like that feeling, personally.

As for "Past histories," you can be rest assured that I do not lie in judgement of others in these areas. A person is never a prisoner of their past, not if they don't want to be. People can change, and once they do, they're just as good/moral as anyone else.

The only point I had in referencing the divorce rate %'s, which was mentioned by Bill Mauer (?-spelling, the HBO dude) himself, btw is that if there might be some college aged kids popping around here, I would most certainly hope that the elders around here might help endorse the notion that the society tends to make a lot of mistakes during those college years. The ideologies of life that we hold when we are 28 are far different than those we held in our late teens, and that is because we come to learn from our mistakes.

For the one that took a shot at me over some of the previous herpes related commentary, you know precisely what I'm talking about here. But when I say that, I am not judging your past, not within any capacity at all. If a man truly loves you, he will not care whether or not you have Herpes. That's irrelevant to love. If you're of the assumption that a person like me would judge you for this through some of the other comments I've made about finding one "From Idaho," etc, please understand that I have a bit of David Letterman in me, too. The bottomline is that any STD is a serious situation, but is not something that will ever "Disqualify" a person from further relationships if the one you're with truly loves you, not at all, and you should know that.

A person should always be living their life for the present day and tomorrow. The past is merely a tool to be used to better our future. But if you hold onto personal guilt for what's been done in the past, you'll never progress. You cannot live until you learn to forgive-yourself, and others. Once you do that, you're as good of a person as anyone else around you, so long as you walk away knowing that sometimes we're forced to deal with things in life so that we know what to make changes with for our remaining years. For our own good. And that's an impressive accomplishment, if a person can do that, whatever the situation at hand may be.


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