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eczema & hypothyroid, cleansing, diet & weight loss
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Published: 19 years ago

eczema & hypothyroid, cleansing, diet & weight loss

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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:58:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Sadler Ed
Subject: Re: New to list -- introduction and questions


I've discovered that low thyroid function seems to be a cause of eczema, because that's when it got me. After I started the thyroid med, it improved. But did not go away. So I decided to detox my body with Essiac Tea, and then I did the colon and Liver Cleanses a year ago, and the eczema mostly went away. I've also made some dietary changes since last fall, which may be helping.

Last fall, I also started to take coral calcium 3x a day and it has helped my skin a lot. I also started to drink distilled water with colloidal minerals added to it.

I don't believe that any skin lotions, etc. help. Cortisone is okay in small doses, but can make it worse after awhile. I found that Phytocort, from the healthfood store helped somewhat. So did Herbacort ( I take a multivitamin, UDO's oil, vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil (I think it helps).

Since last fall, I have eliminated all processed foods and most things with Sugar (still eat the odd chocolate or cookie and chew gum) from my diet, and have tried to include some raw foods at each meal, with the goal of raising my body pH. I feel much better avoiding foods with wheat and dairy. And oh, I miss my cheese! But I have been eating lots of fruit...blended with rice milk and nut milk for a breakfast drink. And either an egg and rye toast or bowl of cereal to round it out.

In addition, I've been making juice out of carrots/celery/peppers/onion/tiny bit of garlic for lunch and adding 3 tsp of GREENS+ and feel so much better since starting this. Usually I eat some pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds and/or cottage cheese with this juice meal. I try to eat organic food whenever I can.

Finally, I lost a lot of weight (40 pounds) by jumping on a rebounder for an hour each day, in addition to walking two miles on my treadmill (and of course cutting back on food).

Recently my body went hyperthyroid, so my doctor took me off the thyroid med. He said there's a one-in-a-million chance that my thyroid gland is working again. There was only a tiny quantity of thyroid antibodies, compared to a high titer two years ago.

The eczema keeps wanting to come back on my palm and baby finger...the skin is thickened, but it hasn't itched yet.

It appears that all of these changes have perhaps not only cured my eczema, but also the autoimmune thyroid disease that I had. I think I've proven beyond a doubt that we can avoid many illnesses with proper diet and exercise. Of all the recent changes I've made, I think the most significant are addition of the coral calcium and the GREENS+.

I really believe that almost all the food we eat has some kind of poison in it, and that is why we are all so sick. But...

THERE IS HOPE!!! If I can do it, anyone can! :-)

Good luck to takes a lot of perseverance and self denial...but oh, the rewards are priceless. Enough to make me give up those bakery goodies forever...:-)



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