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Re: A long list of Questions from a Newbie (who recently discovered a candida overload)... please help!....
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: A long list of Questions from a Newbie (who recently discovered a candida overload)... please help!....

Hello there Ms. Newbie....

Well babe it sounds like you definitely have a bad case of Candida & might even have a parasitic infection from the myriad of symptoms you described. I was a carbon copy of you about a year ago but have achieved success but it's definitely not easy & takes willpower & a complete "lifestyle overhaul". Once you come to the end of this tunnel you may find that your Depression will also be a thing of the past. Here are a few suggestions to get you through. I'm sure on this website there's a list of foods that you should definitely avoid while trying to kill candida but I'll give you a brief run down...All Sugar products including White Sugar ,brown sugar,glucose,fructose,the whole kit & caboodle baby! That is the most important. Candida loves sugar! So if you only avoid it half way you will never get rid of your problem because all the candida that you kill will just regrow & you'll get caught in a viscious cycle. The other major things that allow candida to bust loose is prescription or chemical drugs of all kinds! They especially love antidepressants so if your taking any I suggest you dump them all together. I know it seems difficult but take it from me chemical medicines are not only bad for Candida but they can do so many other harmful things to your body. They mess with your brain & hormones & you end up a complete basket case. Some of the best foods to kill Candida are all green leafy veggies such as kale,spinach,celery,romaine lettuce,green beans,snow peas,okra,broccoli,radish,onions,alfalfa sprouts,spaghetti squash,zucchini,cucumbers,parsley basil,coriander. As far as fruits go for the time being the ones that have the least Sugar are the berry family. These berries are good eg.blueberries,raspberries,blackberries. With the exception of strawberries(high acid). Garlic & Ginger are your best friends when you want to make a meal tasty. They got me through. You'd be surprised how good things can taste with a little imagination. Also other really good spices to help with candida are turmeric,coriander,fennel,basil. Your best oil to use in cooking is Olive oil. Other things you must cut out are all forms of caffeine that means coffee,tea,coke & the rest of the gang. They also aggravate Candida & they could be aggravating your Depression because coffee makes a person very jittery & nervous. It's like a drug. Some very good things to look for at the health food store that won't bankrupt you are:Brown Rice Pasta(This is pasta made from brown rice & water & will help with your pokey belly!),2 great sweeteners are Stevia(ask for it) & Brown Rice syrup(Can use with just about anything looks like maple syrup). If you cook you can substitute brown rice flour for regular flour in almost every recipe. You just use more of it.If you eat Yogourt it has to be plain yogie & the ingredients should say acidopholus somewhere on the back.Checking ing lists regularly really is important. You should not be eating anything processed eg.cheese whiz,ketchup. If you buy only fresh veggies,rice(brown is better but white will suffice),fresh water,fish,chicken then you will get past this trust me. On the vitamin front the best things for Candida are Threelac & a good fat dissolving enzyme. Your health food specialist can help you but here's a list of fairly good ones...Digest-More,Tyler Brand Similase,Solaray,Thorne Betaine HCL with Pepsin. Here's also a list of websites that are good & things that you should investigate ...

Dom's Kefir Site(great site)
Blood Type Diet Protocol(you can read about it on this site)
Global Health Trax(Place you purchase Threelac,read their testimonials!)

Well those are a few avenues to travel dude! And will definitely get you started! On top of that you should visit The Clarkia parasite Cleanse on this website & investigate The Clarkia Liver Cleanse so once the candida dies it gets dumped out of your bod! If you have any questions by all means please post & myself or one of the ultra knowledgeable people on this site will help you get through this! Can't wait to hear your results & how much your getting day by day! Hang in there! If you climb these hurdles you WILL get better! I promise!

Take Care



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