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History on Mrs. Cathy. She found the right place
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Published: 16 years ago
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History on Mrs. Cathy. She found the right place

Cathy McDonald
3502 Mabton Highway
Sunnyside, WA 98944

January 6, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

There is something horrible going on in America and I, and thousands of other people, want to know what is causing this.

If you have not heard of the following organizations, please look them up on the Internet:

Morgellons Skin Pathogen Organization
The National Unidentified Skin parasites Association
Elliot’s Disease at The Comfort Zone

Please also read Dr. Omar Amin’s article entitled, ”Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome - A New Disorder,” where he describes skin lesions with fibers and even insect parts inside them. Dr. Amin is a noted parasitologist.

Please also look up skin infestations with Rotifera in Romania. You will find studies by an award-winning doctor.

You could also check with The National Institute of Mental Health and see how many new cases of “delusional parasitosis”: they are getting; many people with this disease are wrongly being told that they are delusional.

Fox TV ran a show entitled, “Mystery Disease,” when a New Hampshire doctor got in touch with them about a patient of his who had received detestable medical treatment from other doctors.

You might also check on Oakville, Washington where it supposedly rained jellyfish blown up by the navy for weeks, a substance which contained human DNA.

Are we really expected to believe that thousands of people, in all walks of life, in all parts of the country, are suffering from the same delusion and mutilating their skin into the exact same lesions somehow? Are we to believe that all of these people are finding a way to cause themselves chronic diarrhea, visual deterioration, neurological problems, hair loss and more? Are we to believe that these people, some of whom are medical professionals, legal professionals and scientists themselves, are also doing this to their kids and their pets? Are we to believe that they are also finding a way to infest their own food and water with living organisms that only they know about, as no “expert” or doctor seems to be able to identify them?

I have had this disease for years. So have my cold-blooded and warm-blooded pets; they did not cause this but many of them have died from it. Veterinarians cannot identify it. Reptile vets and experts cannot identify it.

In 1998 I had a rash on my thighs and severe diarrhea. I called my doctor’s office and asked if they thought it could be scabies, although scabies does not cause diarrhea, which I had been having. They did not want me to come to the office.

I was prescribed Permethrin, over the phone.

When I used it, the rash got worse.

When I called the doctor’s office again, I was told to use the Permethrin again.

This time, the rash turned into skin cysts that erupted into lesions.

I saw tiny white particles coming up through my skin through the Permethrin.

The lesions resembled those seen in several serious parasitic illnesses.

These same lesions are covering thousands of Americans right now.

The itching, burning and stinging from these is the worst thing I have ever experienced.

It is so terrible that one is tempted to cut them out, which I am sure that many people have actually done, and then were accused of mutilating themselves.

If you have not felt this, you could not possibly understand the absolute torture of it.

I finally got into the doctor’s office.

He did now know what was wrong with me

When I asked if it could be cutaneous larva migrans or schistosomiasis, he did not think so.

His nurse, who I heard tell him that she did not know how to do skin scrapings, took skin scrapings at my insistence.

When I told her that she needed to do more than lightly rub the slide over the skin, and needed to get what was in the lesions, she got irritated. An oriental young woman was with the doctor. I do not know whether she was a lab tech or what her position was. She examined the skin scrapings and came back and said that I had worms in my skin. The doctor said that they were skin cells.

When I asked him how hundreds of skin cells would all rise up through my skin when I spread the Permethrin on, he said skin cells are like that.

Shortly after this, when I was out of the office at work one day, I had several calls from a “foreign-sounding” woman who would not leave her name. I have always wondered if it was the woman who was with the doctor, wanting to tell me something, but she did not call back.

I insisted that the doctor run stool tests. He ordered a four-day series but did not test me for Giardia or Crypto (interestingly, a local dairy was fined for contaminating area water with these very things). The local hospital lab ran the tests for two days and refused to finish them , telling me that as they had not yet found anything, nothing was there. When I told them that I had read that some parasites do not show up in every run and they needed to finish them, they would not.

The doctor did not question this.

The stool tests that were done did not include any direct fecal smears; they only did the ones where stool is mixed with various chemicals, which can destroy many parasites.

The doctor prescribed Ultravate skin cream, which made it worse. He gave me Erythromycin, which did not help.

In his notes, which I recently acquired, he noted that I might have factitious disorder and underlying bipolar disorder.

When I got my medical records from him, he did not include the actual copies of lab reports regarding the stool tests or the tests for Schistosomiasis, which I had insisted he do and which I was told were negative.

I developed problems with my toes. At night, they would turn almost black or get dark red and split open, bleeding. They had what looked like tiny fibers all over them. The pain was terrible. One doctor thought it was athlete’s foot and prescribed Griseofulvin. This made it worse.

I went to a podiatrist, who said that the first doctor was nuts and that it was frostbite. I had had this since the middle of summer.

I sought still another opinion.

This doctor flat-out refused to examine me and would not look at my lesions, although I begged him in tears to examine me. I also asked him to look at my tongue, which had developed a deep slit in it, was fuzzy, had ragged edges with what looked like coils under the skin, and was bleeding. He refused to look at it. I left his office angry and very confused at his reaction.

He then called the Sunnyside Mental Health agency and told them that I was mutilating myself; they called me and I was furious but I tried to explain what was going on.

I went to an ear, nose and throat specialist, because my ears had gotten all scabby inside, were bleeding and itched badly; he did not know what was wrong but told me to put vinegar and oil in my ears and wait until winter.

This doctor also witnessed a gaping hole in the left side of my neck. I had had a small mole for years that suddenly grew to three times its normal size and fell off, leaving this hole. He wanted to know what was beneath the bandaid on my neck and I showed him. He asked if it oozed and I told him that it did not. This eventually closed up and I now have another small brown mole there.

I saw a naturopathic doctor who said that I had very thin skin.. She prescribed an herbal mix to drink and, for the skin, a paste of Bentonite clay and goldenseal, which she said would draw the organisms out and dry then up. This did help some. I finally got so desperate, after many months of these lesions, that I dosed myself with pyrantel pamoate (antiparasitic medicine). The lesions immediately began to clear up and went away, leaving scars, but the other symptoms did not disappear.

I noticed that a local company that sells in-home water systems, Sunnyside Soft Water Systems, said, in their advertisement, in “The Home Reporter” in big, bold letters, “GETS RID OF HAIRS IN YOUR WATER”.

When I tried to pin them down on what this meant, they would not tell me.

I recently visited them again. They were much more interested in trying to sell me a water system than in the fact that thousands of people are ill and finally told me that they do not know what the hairs are but their system will keep them out.

When this happened, I had been working in programming for developmentally disabled adults for twelve years at a company where I had worked in some capacity since 1982.

I was not considered delusional or hysterical by anyone. My dad was a pharmacist and my mom an English teacher, and I am an educated person.

I came to Washington from Western New York in 1981 and have progressively gotten sicker with strange symptoms since then. There are, however, now people in New York and every state reporting this disease. There are even people in Ireland, the U.K., Greenland and the Netherlands with this disease.

There are at least eight people in Washington registered with Morgellons, one of the organizations studying this. There are many more who are not registered, in my area, which is an agricultural area with lots of dairies, feedlots and the accompanying flies and stench. It has been proven in court that the animal waste sprayed into waste fields can travel airborne up to five miles (Bosma Dairy lawsuit)

The waste from waste fields here has been found to contain Giardia, E. Coli, salmonella, Crypto and four types of intestinal parasites.

There are many people using animal medications, out of desperation, because they are so sick and are getting not only no help from doctors, but are treated with outright hostility.

It seems as though the only prescription drug that people with these symptoms can get from doctors and dermatologists are antipsychotic medicines such as Orap. These drugs are prescribed for delusional parasitosis, even though their manufacturers do not recommend them for this condition, and the physical symptoms are not addressed overtly (note that these medicines contain drugs in the benzimidazole family, many of which are anthelmintic and fungiostatic).

There are many symptoms in addition to the skin lesions, including visual deterioration, diarrhea, bowel and bladder leakage, lumps under the skin, hair loss, rapid tooth decay and loss of teeth, unexplained bleeding in the skin and mouth, loss of body hair and eye lashes and eye brows, strange hair growth, nasal growths and other problems, problems in the ears, similar or identical strange-looking items being discharged from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, vagina, anus and skin. There are also neurological problems and problems with concentration, etc. which doctors can easily use to diagnose a mental illness where there is not one.

Many of the lesions have what appears to be hair or fiber in them, as well as tiny white, moist particles, all having the same texture and shape. The skin lesions, when certain substances are applied, eject the hairs, fibers, black specks, white specks, what look like tiny white worms, and what look like insects.

There is an article written by a parasitologist, Dr. Omar Amin, entitled, “Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) - A New Disorder,” where he describes skin lesions containing fibers and insect parts.

There is also research being done on a so far undiagnosed illness involving skin lesions under the terms, “Scleromyxoedema-like cutaneous diseases,” “Scleromyxedema-like fibromucinosis,” and “Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy”.

There is obviously more than one thing at work here.

We have Onchocerca Americanus here now.

Some people have been diagnosed, in America with Onchocerca, myiasis, Collembola and Rotifera in the skin, unidentified nematodes in the skin and unusual unidentified fungal infections.

Many people are now testing positive for chronic lyme disease, which can cause almost every symptom you can imagine and which can require long, expensive treatment which insurance companies do not want to pay for.

Many standard tests for lyme disease are inaccurate.

Many communities do not want it publicized that lyme disease is occurring because it hurts tourism.

Strains of lyme not included in the CDC’s list have been found in people; if these strains are not tested for, they will not be found.

As the many, many people with similar symptoms have such a variety of exposures to different things, the common denominator could be insects, water or even our food.

Chlorine does not kill these organisms. Many people have applied many substances to try and get rid of these, and the only partial success has been with anthelmintic and antifungal medications.

Interestingly, many people have developed increased symptoms when their doctors told them that they had scabies and prescribed medication for this - none of these people were actually examined using a wood’s light or other apparatus that would make scabies identification definite.

The skin lesions have a very striking and characteristic look. They feel and behave in the same way in all of us who have them. We all find the same things in them and coming out of them. We also find the same things in our nasal secretions, ears, and feces.

I removed two organisms from my feces that I kept alive in a moist container for two weeks. When I put them in, I put them on the bottom. They eventually climbed up the sides. They are shaped like a rounded triangle with a slit in the bottom. The underside looks like the underside of a snail or slug. They have a little “foot” they can extend at one side of their bottom. After two weeks, fine white filaments filled with black specks appeared on them. These filaments then grew into larger white and black filaments with black balls at their end (at 400x). They appear to be fungal so maybe there is a fungus with the parasite. These are the same “fibers” which are coming out of people’s skin.

Tonight I took an apple out of my fridge. It had a large black oval-shaped spot and a hole with puckering around it. It reminded me of the skin lesions. I put thiabendazole on it and watched the skin pucker more and then tiny fibers with balls at their tips emerged from the apple. I have found things in store-bought meat that are the same shape as some of the organisms people are finding in their stool. They have fibers in them. I have opened Minute Maid orange juice concentrate, with oranges from Florida and Brazil, and found many tiny fibers in the liquid. I have removed thin sections from the skin of oranges with this characteristic shape (like a lesion in the orange skin) and observed the same organisms that all these other people are describing as coming out of them. I have found these things clinging to the inside walls of my fridge. Under a magnifying glass or microscope, they are all the same.

There appears to be, as I said, several things going on or one thing with very different developmental stages. These organisms behave partly like a worm, partly like a fungus. They are very strange looking. Many of the ones from the holes in the skin lesions are white and moist, they have a scalloped edge on what appears to be the top, a head-like appendage that extends on a neck from the main body, and a pointed prong or tail at the other end. They remind me somewhat of an acanthocephalan worm (which, by the way, have been found in canned tuna and other fish).

These organisms, whatever they are, when put in a mix of a antiparasitic medicine and water or oil, can sometimes be observed to be slowly moving through the liquid, as if trying to get out of it.

I have found these things clinging on the inside of my toilet, after I have flushed and cleaned it and ascertained that nothing was there. One of the ones from my stool would have covered a quarter and was the characteristic rounded triangular shape with the bottom slit and foot. It was grotesque.

Many, many people have written their local health departments and other agencies that are supposed to be concerned with the health of citizens, and it is astounding to me how many people are not interested, say they think this is awful but it is not their department, or answer with some other bland patronizing attitude.

In response to my letter of concern regarding my skin lesions, diarrhea and other symptoms, the CDC responded that they did not deal with “skin,” and directed me to the NIH/NIMH.

There are also documented cases of humans being parasitized by Gordian worms, which are not generally considered pests and for which no elimination methods are used.

These worms can cause intestinal and tissue damage.

There are organisms being created through the use of trans genics; they have combined a nematode worm with a fungus, to be used for agricultural purposes.

A nematode has been combined with a fiber.

They are making spider silk in goat’s milk.

You would not believe what “they” are doing.

The reduction and elimination of the use of organophosphates has resulted in many organisms not being destroyed that once were.

Biologicals are a big industry.

How do we know that some of the organisms being used and created for use in agriculture, in insect control and the textile industry, to name a few, are not able to not only survive in us, but thrive?

The use of Antibiotics in feed animals has resulted in many “superorganisms” that have incredible resistance to medications used to control parasites and other disease-causing organisms.

The military has “weaponized” many organisms.

The suffering that so many people are enduring makes a mockery of our medical system. Doctors should be screaming that they want their patients diagnosed and treated for this. Scientists should be clamoring to investigate it. Health departments should be on the doorstep of everyone who calls them. People have died from complications resulting from this.

A woman named Sue, with a husband and children, at forty plus years of age, with lesions all over her body, died when her heart stopped after developing E. coli and staph in a nursing home. She was there for hip surgery related to a bacterial infection, they say. Those of us with this disease and the knowledge of it know it killed her or greatly contributed to her death.

A man named Elliot with this finally killed himself; he could no longer take the pain of the disease and the disdain of the doctors.

An R.N. in Tennesee who worked in Public Health for thirty years came down with this and received the same treatment that most people get, and was told to take Orap for delusional parasitosis.

She had skin lesions, had lost all of her hair, was losing her vision and having neurological problems.

She ended up at a psychiatrist’s and he was furious with the treatment she had gotten.

He ordered MRI’s and other tests.

The MRI’s showed lesions in the white matter of her brain.

Eye tests showed unidentified particles in her eyes (she was almost blind by this time).

She had to go all the way to Texas to find a doctor who would help her and has now been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, which has gone through her entire system.

It is detestable that all of us with this have had to buy microscopes, learn about parasites and other diseases that “do not occur in our country”, learn about the engineering of organisms and all of the other related activities for profit, while the professionals wheel and deal and take in their money. We have had to learn about “Neuro worm,” a synthetic, chemically engineered organism, made in Germany, capable of exhibiting behavior, reproducing sexually and asexually, and being programmed for medical tasks. They do not know whether it has consciousness.

Thousands of us can talk about this together and know exactly what each is talking about. The doctors look at us with bemused or irritated expressions when we come to them with something less ordinary than a cold or flu they can diagnose and write a prescription for in ten minutes or less.

The people who belong to the organizations I listed have a lot of very first-hand knowledge of this. We have many specimens but are at a loss as to where to send them to find someone who cares.

I have personally talked with microbiologists who have been threatened with the loss of their jobs if they talk about this.

I have talked with people in labs who have been ordered to lie about specimens or to destroy them.

Some of the people researching this have received death threats.

This is not an isolated problem that will go away. These organisms are permeating everything. They even get into fabric and cause clothing to shred and become deteriorated at an alarming rate. If this sounds impossible, read about the military’s use of nematode worms that could “eat” enemy pavement and concrete. They were supposed to destroy enemy territory. Unfortunately, one cannot tell a worm to only eat the enemy’s property. Project scrapped.

These organisms can encyst and survive in a dry state for a very long time; they are not killed by boiling, microwaving, crushing, freezing or being given such things as Sevin, Drano, Lime Away, bleach and much more.

People who worry about the future need to realize that it has been here for a long time.

While many doctors and others who work supposedly for the public good sit someplace as I write this, complacent and self-satisfied, financially more than comfortable and with egos intact, thousands sit crying, wondering whether they can go on another day or night because they are so sick. Thousands of people as you read this feel as if there are hundreds of wasps stinging them all over their bodies; thousands of people are having up to their tenth course of diarrhea for the day; thousands of people cannot read or even watch tv because their sight is going; thousands of people have no hair on their heads.

If you are reading this late at night, say, around midnight, know that there are many, many people shopping at all-night stores because their faces are so disfigured by lesions that they do not want any more people to see them than necessary.

While you sit with your families, know that many people sit alone because their own families are afraid to be near them and catch whatever this is or because they make their families stay away so as not to give it to them.

If you are a veterinarian in your local feed store buying supplies, the person next to you buying Ivermectin for horses might be buying it for themself because, in spite of the fact that their doctor cannot or will not diagnose or treat them, and in spite of the fact that they have begged their doctor for parasitic medicine, they have been told that “we do not have parasites in this country” or that they are delusional.

As you read this in your warm and safe home, know that people are receiving foreclosure notices because they are too sick to work and, without a diagnosis cannot get disability or financial aid.

As you go forth in the world with confidence and self-esteem intact, know that many, many people venture out in shame because they are disfigured and sick, and have been told that they are delusional while continuing to suffer from all too real physical symptoms caused by a disease that does not exist in America.

Then think about the news stories concerning biological warfare and Cloning and the environment. Think about the fact that many environmental pollutants are tiny and spore-like and that the ash from Mt. St. Helen’s traveled around the world three times. Think about the garbage, filled with living organisms, floating in waters that eventually merge. Think about the big pharmaceutical companies and large health agencies here in American who have experimented and purposefully caused diseases, for which the drug companies then develop cures and are applauded for their humanitarianism (see mycoplasma experiments, Merck, CDC and NIH by the Scott brothers, Canada). Think about the fact that when large numbers of feed animals are crowded together in huge feedlots, infection and parasites increase, as do flies who carry disease and waste that travels as dust through the air you breathe.

Would you be surprised to read that many diseases, such as M.S. and Aids, can be caused on purpose? Would you be upset that a simple tribe of people living in Hawaii (the Fior) were experimented on and almost wiped out , and then when their disease was “discovered” someone involved in causing the disease won a Nobel Peace prize for their work on this? These people were given the equivalent of mad cow disease and the brains of 65% of them turned to mush. There is now mad deer disease, mad elk disease and more.

There is research being done. There are still a few people in America who give a damn. The hordes of people who are suffering with this will not quit or give in and die off. We will keep writing to our officials and to anyone else we can think of. We will organize and put pressure on where it is needed.

There is an old song, “Someone is Crying to be Heard” (Traffic).

Somebody had better start listening.

Cathy McDonald


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