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Published: 13 years ago
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All Things Possible

Intention is all there is..the rest are filters or what in physics /math are called interference patterns. It is these patterens that begin the seperation process and create the differences or variances. These interference patterens come about due to where we are in our agreements with the rest of the illusion/life. We have created these filters to expereice where our thoughts and actions take us. We are creators after all and these filters are a result of our creative force mixed with intention (not in a will power sense).

DNA has long been thought of as a immutably fixed building block. This has been proven false now but is not highly publicized due to many economic and spiritual implications. It is now known that DNA is sending and recieving information and is able to change (create) based on this information...information that I call intent. In other words the DNA can change like the wind depending on what signals it is being sent. I do not use intention in the classical form as in fixing your Physical brain on something and with sheer determination and making it happen. Intention for me and certainly many mystics and sorcerors (source shapers) is a much more grand wholistic process. Intention is the unseen aspect of creating the life experience. It is information we pull from the field of all possibilities and then shap it (perferably clearly and coherently) into our creations. We create our bodies, our thoughts, experiences...everything that we experience we create. There is nothing that operates independently outside ourselves for we are all one...nothing seperated (only by our filters do we appear to be seperated and we wrtie these filters ongoing) is one grand unified energy dance that is truely shapable.

For more excellent background on DNA and its characteristics, may I recommend delving into the work of Bruce Lipton.

As far as physical trauma being seperate from our universal appears so but this is not the case. It's all projected and can always be balanced with the right information (information that is pure and true...non dogmatic). Many people have proven this by healing the imposible. Physical structures have been repaired. I know of several stories first hand where spinal injuries have even been healed by becomming coherent and shedding limiting belief systems. There are many new ways of moving energy such in Quantum Touch, that are indicating a new paradigm concerning this. In a dumbed down world it is easy to buy into ideas of lack and limited power but this is a lie and depending on level of awareness and clarity, people buy into these limiting beliefs at various levels. Shed these illusions and we take our power back. Avatars can do great things not because they are special but because they understood the importance of getting clear and coherent and then left a map showing that all can do the same thing.

Let me end by saying this and this is a powerful statement that can only be expereienced from within, not frow without in a world of hapazard and incoherent creations based on unclear projectors. That is, what ever you think, you become. If a person thinks something is impossible...then for that person it is.

Lisa Check this out for a paradgim shifter or what some people call a "reality shifter."

Jennifer heals Spinal Injury


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