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Re: Intention
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Intention

i was not harmed by a zapper. i was harmed by a tens unit. both the amperes and volts were higher on the device that i used than on a zapper. but, it wasn't used many times like a zapper, it was used only once.

i do understand what you say about intention. intention is the part of the force that puts other wheels into motion.. but without emotion, without desire, intent is useless, it has no force. desire is the emotion, or wish, that gives any intention its force. if you say, "i have the intention of healing my body," but there is no desire to heal, the intention will stagnate, will have no life force. And the healing won't come to fruition. if you say, "i want to heal my body," there is a desire there, not just intent, and the body responds. And of course, what will begin to show up, then, are the obstacles to healing which have been present.

But, all that being said, beyond intent, there also seems to me things within the body that are hardwired. intent-desire can never change a kapha into a pitta, this is just a hard-wired thing. being a kapha as opposed to a pitta, and not being able to change it, is what i was trying to say when i believe some physical truths cannot be altered. trying to change our bodytype would just be fruitless, and harmful. in fact, some of our lessons down here on earth seem to be about learning to live within the limits of our bodytypes. i don't think that intent can alter these hard wired truths. i am not denying the role of treatments like EFT, rather i embrace them. but EFT would fail at turning a kapha into a pitta. i think the body has its own conciousness, the own 'way it works.' this isn't to say that consciousness is separate from body, body holds conciousness within it, consciousness formed the body, formed the way it works. And i'm not talking about allergy here, i think things like allergies can be changed fairly easily. but i think the body has definite ideas about what it likes and what it doesn't like. emotion, mind, and trauma can make it harder to see those wishes that come from the body, but they are there underneath.

what i would say about a wheat allergy, for instance, is that one particular body may have a wheat allergy that is based out of the mind, emotions, or even physical toxicity. maybe that person will actually crave wheat, even though they're allergic. taking away the allergy/emotions/trauma via EFT or something along those lines might make wheat pallatable for that body, make it safe. another body, however, might be physiologically unable to digest wheat, no matter what the emotional/trauma story is. for that body, wheat is a no-no, no matter what, and EFT wouldn't change it. that second body that can't digest wheat, cannot be changed by intention.

for me, high-voltage electricity is to my body as wheat is to a celiac. i seem to be off the spectrum in that regards. but, i'm quite sure that i'm not alone. i work with a medical intuitive, an unbelivably great and accurate lady. we were talking about this very thing one day - intention in regards to the physical body's reactions to toxic material. and she said, next time you eat something you know to be unhealthy, send it a blessing. it will still have its way with your physical body, you can't change that, but at least you blessed it.

i think in the same way that a closed mind can stop the body from healing, physical trauma can also stop the body from healing. i don't know if i'm saying this very well. its obvious to me that just as the mind has its own 'thing going on' where it can develop patterns that protect itself, the body has its own separate thing going on, its own way of coping with trauma. and, i also think that the body has its own part to play in regards to emotions, not just the mind. opening the mind may be the path to get physical healing, but having the open mind doesn't actually fix the physical trauma. so i would disagree with you that intention of the mind is the base of the story here.

i see a homeopath who tested me positive on high voltage electricity, (3 years after it went into my body!) and i take a remedy for that now. i am detoxing the electricity now, exactly in the same way that someone that takes prescription medicines must detox them later. high voltage electricity is a toxin which adds up in the body with usage. to some bodies, it doesn't matter. to others, it does.

thanks for your last note, i am glad to hear that the flak wasn't full of intent (wit intended). and, thank you for the very stimulating discussion.



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