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to lapis, zapper specs are in
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Published: 13 years ago
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to lapis, zapper specs are in

Well i did speak to technical support from a company that sells zappers.
the data is in.... the zapper does indeed input between 7.3 and 9 volts of electricity into the user. the engineer said the electricity is given as a 'carrier' of the frequency that zaps the parasite. In contrast, the cayce wet cell battery generates 03% of one volt in order to act as the carrier for its load. put another way, every time you zap yourself, you are getting 300 times the amount of electricity in your body as with the wet cell.

Edgar Cayce's device and the zapper are as different as night and day. The object of the wetcell, QXCI, zapper, and the rife, is to get specific frequencies into the body. Cayce and the QXCI managed to do it with little, or no, electricity. Clark and rife didn't. And once you enter the world of electricity-bearing devices, there are usually safeguards in place to make sure that the entire voltage from the battery that is powering the device doesn't make it into a body. But nothing like this exists on the zapper. Clark was careless in her design.

Lapis for all your understanding of vibration, i think you have missed the point in regards to high voltage electricity. vibration is not comparable to voltage. You cannot truthfully say that Edgar Cayce was a proponent of electrotherapy, he was not. his devices, and the qxci as well, were proponents of vibrational therapy, not electrotherapy. The amount of electricity that the wet cell generated was almost immeasurable. and, Cayce's other devices used absolutely no electricity at all. even clark, as misguided as the zapper is, was attempting to use vibrational therapy. her aim was to get the frequency into the body that ejects, or kills, parasites. the fact that she used such high amounts of electricity to do that is not part of 'the therapy.' it is an unwanted side effect of a badly designed machine.

intention cannot alter this. intention cannot alter physical laws. high voltage is harmful, for some more than others. nothing you can say will convince me that people who zap for any length of time have not altered the chemistry of their cells and the functioning of their nervous system. if you doubt that high voltage electricitiy is harmful, check out oral galvanism.

Its really been amazing to me in the course of these discussions, how much flak i've received for having my own opinion of the zapper. Our bodies are all created with different strengths, abilities, and sensitivies. I didn't appreciate your inference, Lapis, that I lack understanding of the harmonics of the world. I think I understand the zapper (esp. now), vibration, and harmony quite well.

Over and Out,


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