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Published: 13 years ago
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A zapper doesn't need to plug into anything. If you do plug it into AC it is converted to DC through a transformer. I have also studied Cayce and infact I have all his original manuscripts archived on CD rom. His method is very much "electro" medicine. His wet cell, for all intense purposes is a battery. Any battery sends frequency based on its holgraphic nature. Microcosm to macroscsm, it brings forth frequency (energetics).

Keep in mind that All electricity is vibration. In fact all "life" is vibration. The question becomes what vibrations are we running with at any particular time and even more important to this is...are they coherent (harmonized). For isntance, thoughts are vibrational and whn manifestin a dis ease state are not congreunt. In other words thes thoughts, frequncies are not in harmony and are therfore in a disharmonized state. A state of manifesting disease, fear, lack etc. based on its incoherent starting pattern (thought).

The most important precursor to vibration is intent. That is the "information" that creates the physical manifestation of spirit. So vibration that is packed with information (intent) is the purpose of this new field. One needs to match the intent with the required results. Belief systems also play a huge role in therapies. Some people believe they can get well eating unaturally toxic cooked food (nature does not offer a stove) because their "guru" (outside themselves) says they can, so the frequency of this intent carries the healing. Others need a more integrated and congruent path depending on expanding awareness and thus the totality of healing involved. Everyone is on a different path and a different level of awareness and what works for Sally doesn't work for Joe due to "personal" filters overtop the total expresssion of truth.

"let me guess, both of you think zappers are safe but Cell Phone s are not. hmmm.

Apples and oranges. That is like saying that water is safe but turpintine is not because they are both aqueous. They carry different frequencies in essence and their unique (energetic) message makes all the difference. BTW to broadcast or to send any frequency there must also be amplitude and flow. They are inseperable. You can think of the frequency/frequencies as the information (intent).

The most dangerous thing to any healing is a closed mind, for it is that that stagnates energy and filters our source creating fractured realities. Belief systems based on giving our power away to fear and entities outside of ourself can be very limiting. Sweeping with a wide brush saying that x is harmful in all cases or y is healing in all cases misses a much deeper point.

We all get the experiences we need for our ultimate path to wholeness. Integration must come from within and we must take ownership of our own unique path.

As far as the need to agree with someone else goes. Just agree with yourself. In the end its all about coherency within ourselves and that is the deepest form of healing. :-) If your methods work for you and you are achiveing harmony in your life then keep doing what you're doing. Everyone can be found at a different vantage point of the total expresiion some call God.


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