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so what?
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Published: 14 years ago
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so what?


yes, the zapper has less voltage than the tens unit that was used on me. the zapper has alot more amps, though. but, about the voltage, so what? something that is harmful, is harmful, period. eating less wheat will be less harmful to a celiac than eating more wheat. but eating any amount is harmful. i lost my life over this thing. if it had less electricity, perhaps i would have only lost part of my life, been hurt less. maybe i would have been hurt less enough to where the damage would have been latent - waiting for another injury to make it show up. but it would have been there, regardless. the threshold on my body for electricity is just lower than other peoples. if i'd done a lesser amount of elecricity, but did it again and again as you have, for sure i would have been very harmed. i have always hated tens units, i did one for a moment at my chiropractors, years ago, and found the experience so physically unpleasant that i yelled for them to come in and get it off me. i have always hated going near a fuse box (which was problematic at times because i was a computer network engineer). the signs were always there. don't ask me why my better sense didn't kick in on this one. i have a sensitivity to electricity in the same way that other people may have a sensitivity to wheat. high voltage electricity is bad for me in any form.

i meant it when i said that i respect your right to zap. what i don't think is smart is that you offer it to so many others, without knowing whether they, like me, are sensitive to it. you don't know what the ground you are stepping in is composed of. i see a medical intuitive, i have had channeling sessions to get to the bottom and fix why i have the sensitivity, and to fix the damage from the event. you will never guess what they have said my predisposition for this thing is - I was born early, and my childhood was somewhat ugly, which weakened my nervous system, which had not finished forming. now, how many premature babies are there out there? i was born at 5 1/2 pounds, there are people out there born much earlier than i. how many people that had rough childhoods, which affected their nervous system? the channeling that was done also said that my low thyroid is a predeterming factor for this. it wasn't obvious in the least that my nervous system was weak, or even that i had a low thyroid - i never had any symptoms for either one. so when i say that you don't understand the waters you walk into, i mean that. you don't have the knowledge to understand what makes bodies tick, you don't know what predetermining factors other people have. i personally know of other people that have done the same procedure that i did, and they weren't harmed at all. in fact it benefited them. everyone is born different.

cat scans give over 1,000 times the amount of radiation as an xray. so its obviously bad for people. its there, working on them in the background, even if they don't recognize it. maybe people that have had cat scans are then predisposed to getting cancer, only makes sense. but you can be sure that not many people are aware of that. you could already have been hurt by the zapper, even if you don't know it. isn't it just safer to stay away from harmful things? the benefits of taking chlorella or vit c for lyme are many, in my opinion. with no downside. there are just better things to recommend than electricity.

you are so sure that you are absolutely correct, i find that amazing. if you still believe that the zapper would not have harmed me, my next guess is you'll tell me that i'm the only person to have this sensitivity. neither of those suppositions is true. many, many people are sensititive to electricity. i think it runs in families, my sister and my neice both have it, and the unusual part is that they are actually aware of it.

i won't say anything else i don't think, on any thread where you go pro-zap. i've spoken my peace.

over and out, freelastchance,


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