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Re: Great Idea
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Great Idea

Thanks for the link.

After reviewing a list of symptoms at, I have some to add to my previous list, in no particular order:

1. Sinus infection for several months (predominently on the left side, as it subsided my nose acquired the most whimsical whistle when I breathed out, which to me indicated a significant change in the structure of the sinus passage. This also lasted for several months. I was scoped and CAT scanned for growths. None existed.

2. Testicular pain. I can't seem to remember which side, I think it was only on the right. It was unexplainable (my wife didn't kick me in the nuts=) and lasted for about two or three weeks.

3. My arms and hands became far more susceptible to falling asleep. This has subsided but I have developed numbness in my left index and middle fingers which persists, as well as a golf ball sized area just below my shoulder blades and left of my spine. This area is numb and "itches" for lack of a better description.

4. Markedly increased effect of alcohol. This was one of the first thing I noticed prior to thinking anything might be wrong. What I would normally drink with ease affected me significantly. I'd get "woozy" with one drink. During this early period, with no other symptoms, I thought perhaps all my days of partying had finally caught up with me. I had also just lost my best friend to liver cancer, so psychologically I was really expecting cancer.

5. Over-emotional reactions, cryed easily.

6. Exhibited bi-polar episodes. I knew I was doing it, when I was doing it, and had no explaination for it.

7. Memory loss (short or long term). I come across memory loss on things that I realize I should be able to recall easily. I put everything else aside and purposely sort each episode out till I can remember the pertinent information.

8. I had one debilitating "stabbing" episode where one would normally get a "side-splint". I was out on a walk and when this struck it took me almost two hours to traverse a normally 25 minute section back to the truck.

9. I recently had rear rib pains which felt like the intercostal muscles were tense and would not relax. Also of note is the fact that early on my daily push-ups would aggravate my lung/esophageal symptoms.

10. On several occasions very early on, before the massive onset of symptoms, I had several intermittent days where I felt "wrong" but not necessarily ill. On most of those days my vision was annoyingly blurry.

11. I forgot about the plugged ears. I had that too for several months.

12. Loss of sex drive. When you're that sick, sex doesn't come to mind. I'm not sure if that's a "loss of sex drive"....but the effect is the same=)

13. My eyes burn from time to time now for no apparent reason.

Some of these symptoms might be related to Candida overgrowth.

Just recently I began taking daily: Minimum of 100 oz of Ro or distilled water. 300 Mcg of Molybdenum and folic acid, as well as a broad spectrum mineral supplement to break the toxin cycle of possible Candidiasis. Cellfood for upregulating body oxygenation (I also take an OTC Ephedra (Ma Huang) based bronchial dilater once a day to counter my breathing difficulties and increase oxygenation. A teaspoonful of 3% H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) in 16oz of RO water (also for oxygenation). L-Glutamine, N-Aceytal Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 and CoQA to boost Glutathione production. Samento to upregulate the native and acquired immune systems. Custom Probiotics multistrain probiotic formula (25 billion count of live bacteria per capsule) and Clarkia tincture. I eat almost exclusively organic. Meat intake is one piece of "organic" chicken a day. Tea Tech instant green tea mix (the Matcha or "free pour" version) for the high polyphenol (antioxidant) count. I also take a direct EGCG (NOW brand) supplement to aid any damaged cells in their natural dying process. For sweetener I use Xylitol or Stevia or both. Occasionally it's Sucanat for baking.

One thing to note. All of my symptoms come and go, which I believe to be a strong indicator of Lymes or similiar infection. The symptoms morph, from one being the most prevalent to the other, each lasting just long enough that you almost forget about the last. Nothing else that I've researched has such a predominent "roving" element to the symptoms.


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