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My 'professional' applied kinesiology session. I think I'm getting taken here...
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Published: 15 years ago

My 'professional' applied kinesiology session. I think I'm getting taken here...

Hey all... I need some advice badly... please read through my story and tell me what you think.

I've been going to this chiropractor/natural health practicioner for a while now. He has been excellent at adjusting my joints and helping me with my neck problems. I then complained about not being able to sleep correctly, low energy, hard to keep on weight, etc, etc... and he told me it sounds like a thyroid problem. He told me about his total nutrition counselling. He would use applied kinesiology to determine what organ or system in my body was causing the trouble. I said sure I'll try it.

So I laid on a table and he had me put my left arm straight up and resist him pushing it down. The normal 'muscle test' I'm sure we're all familiar with. He tested a few points that should make my arm go weak, and it did. I think they included navel, side of my head, and maybe some others. Anyways, he had 2 'racks' of vials. One rack had toxic chemicals, the other heavy metals. He put the toxic chemicals on my chest and tested my arm. It was strong. He put the heavy metals on my chest and my arm went weak. He said I have a heavy metal buildup.

So he tested some points and said my arm went weak on my thyroid, adrenals, and pancreas. I think he then narrowed down which metal was the problem by touching each one and then giving me the arm test. He came up with manganese. He told me I have a buildup of manganese.

He then somehow determined that my pancreas was the root of the problem and said this supplement called Parotid PMG would help chelate the manganese out of my pancreas.

So up until now I am skeptical, but I want to believe in this, so I say sure, I guess that is possible. But it's the next part that I really have problems taking seriously. He had to determine how many capsules of the Parotid PMG my body 'wanted' per day, so he put the parotid on my chest, and did the arm test again. My arm stayed strong, which signifies that my body 'wants' to take the parotid. He did the arm test 6 consecutive times, then my arm went weak. So he said that means 6 capsules per day.

Now hold on a minute... my body doesn't know how much parotid PMG it needs! And even if it did, it sure as hell cant tell how big the capsules are in the bottle on my chest. In other words, somehow the number of times he had to push my arm down to get my muscle to fail, was the number of capsules of parotid pmg I am supposed to take. I kinda just looked at him and wanted to say gimme a break... but I was kinda still caught up in the moment and didn't really think about it.

So I don't know... can anyone defend this method at all? Maybe say actually that is a rough estimate of such and such, or something. This chiropractor has really helped me and I don't want to think he is a fraud. On the other hand, I'm not stupid and in my opinion there is no way this can be for real.

Oh and by the way, I've been taking the Parotid PMG for a few days now, hoping it will help. If anyone knows anything about this supplement let me know!

Thanks so much,

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