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Re: Ultrasound before and after flushing good listening and eating tips explained

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charlesstrieber Views: 1,895
Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Ultrasound before and after flushing good listening and eating tips explained

I like the CD speed sleep. (order at It gets rid of the tension I have gotten as a truck driver that has a boss who is trying to help me, however he has no idea what nutrition is or that it works, and who therefore is against it.(marine captains can be fairly influencial) The other tensions that the cd speed sleep seems to eliminate are the tensions I create for myself. I have also had several other stresses relating to people of my own and karmic nature seemingly eliminated by listening to this CD off and on over a period of 2 months. Most results occure right away. I have also used zygon international delta sleep tapes in the past to good effect. However, I protect myself from the pervasive human ability to practice the following politics,(with mental practices of self defence and of course rationalization that does not work but makes me think that I feel better)

"everybody wants peace as long as they control it"

Why this is so is debateable. I think it is because we like to do what we think we like until something better is forced upon us.
AS to learning to eat correctly there are a few simple rules,
carohydrates and protein do not mix in the same meal, because the pancreus (my spelling is terrible) is lazy, at such times and only helps digest the carbs. Thus the protein putrifies and feeds the bad flora which in turn overloads the immune system and the liver and kidneys.
Thus you will need to re-establish your good flora. The cheapest way and a healthy way is to grow your own live saurkraut, go to and look up Paul C Bragg and find his book on how to do it make your own live saurkraut. Use organic cabbage. It you can not handle cabbage you may use any human strain of probiotics as they are called now. They last longer and therefore are cheaper over time.
Water is the next most important vitamin. Good water is hard to find I reccomend His distiller is to expensive so the next best water is from royal body care ( call sandy at 1.888.667.8925 and tell her charles sent you) they have two basic improvements to water- hydracell which reduces the surface tension so the water can enter the cells and -microhydrin to provide the free radical scavengers to clean your entire system.
It is also important to note that this is very powerful so it is best to take only 1/4 of a capsule at first as you need to cleanse slowly. I am proof that it works as I am recovering from a rattle snake bite 30 years ago still and this made me detox really quickly.

It is important to drink plenty of water as that is the way to wash your insides via the principal of partial pressure, that is when one area of water is full of concentrated material it will diffuse to the less concentrated area thus cleansing the system. Of course to much water is bad also. Royal body care does have an exellent mineral formula that is also cheap and 95%+ absorbed. This reduces the problem of drinking to much water, however, everything can be overdone.
In order to make things work properly you need to know your ph.
The microhydrin does do an exellent balancing of the ph however it also good to check with nitrozyme paper from the drug store.

Next you need to consider your source of enzymes. Are you eating fresh raw organic produce by the pound? If not you are omitting the life giving source from your diet.
Wheat grass juice is good but red skinned new potatoe juice is cheaper. Barly grass is milder in its cleansing power than wheat grass juice.
Perhaps this has indicated to you that the food that we eat is bad for us, so if we want to live we need to learn to eat differently.

I recently had injured my back and ate all my vitamins and went to a directional non force technique chiropractor who stopped the pain. It was only when I added fresh raw pealed aloe vera (very bitter) that I perked up, instantly I might add. So I reconfirmed to my self for the 50th time, at least, that fresh works and is the only way to go. The aloe vera was fertilized with fulvic acid a vitamin that we need but costs wayto much in the human vitamin form.
Next you need to consider oils, avacado is good and relatively cheap, organic of course.
If you want a really good multi vitamin that keeps the cost down visit ideal health. They taylor it to you at least on a few of the ingreadeants. ABout $60 per month on average to get most of what you need as long as you eat fresh organic foods the rest of the time.
If you are looking for more hi-tech stuff like mono atomic gold to really boost your immune system let me know, or just look it up on the internet. Keep in mind quality matters in all things.
I hope this helps you understand what food and culture is and how it controls us and our thoughts such as anger by contaminating us with incorrect food choices.
Balance is the key to nutritional healing regrettably everybody says their balance is the best so good luck.
love charles

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