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Published: 17 years ago


well i have been doing lotz of reading here and a few things just keep eating away at me regarding this whole thing.
Firt of all those claiming to get 6,000 stones or 2 qts out leaves me in disbelief, i know the liver is a large organ as well as the gall bladder, but 6000???? or 2 qts volume?..i'd think that would overwhelm both organs, the GB can not hold 6,000 stones and if even a few thousand were impacted in a liver it should render the liver completely dysfunctional.
Why , if all the thousands of stones exist arent they showing up in autopsys?, the dissect all organs and if these 1,000's of stones were in the livers i'd think something would be documented and doctors wouldnt deny liver stones in general.
Also, if stones are able to be kept preserved from melting then why isnt ANYONE having thier doctors analyize and test them for proof?, i know i sure would, i saw 1 person say he did and it was cholesterol but that was his words, he had no photo-copyied test results. if my doc said there was no such thing as liver stones and i flushed id be the first there the next day with my stones saying " deny that"
I'm not trying to discount this whole flushing thing, but these things i listed just plague me and being the logical person i am the stuff just doesnt add up for me, i mean if all these tons of people are flushing all these stones, then doctors would have to reconize it, also there would be some hard scientific data on the contents and chemical make -up of these stones to prove that they are indeed cholesterol, i mean i just cant help thinking that somehow the chemical make-up of the stuff in the flush recipes reacts with your body and maybe causes these so called stones.....and for those who no longer get stones that could be attributed to your body being in a healthier state due to the other things like diet and colon clenses etc that you have been doing to get healthy.
Maybe im wrong and if i am then good cause i'll be the first to flush, but until i have some way to know without a doubt that im helping myself and clearing actual liver stones then i cant see taking the risk of all the negative side effects i have read about.
Now im all for bowel clenses and colon cleaning, but i just cant seem to get behind the Liver Flush crusade

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