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Recovered from progressive MS
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Published: 18 years ago
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Recovered from progressive MS

FYI: Douglas will be in Toronto on Sunday, December 4 for a Miracle Healing Event.  See the email response to this one for more information.

As the editor of the Douglas James Cottrell Newsletter, I often receive testimonials from people.  A few days ago, the following email arrived in my mailbox from a woman who has recovered from progressive MS and Douglas was a big part of her healing.  I hope that this email will help others.

Anne (editor of Douglas James Cottrell Newsletter)

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 Recovered from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
By Susan R. Schell

Today I live, today I walk, today I have recovered from progressive multiple sclerosis … and much of it is thanks to Douglas Cottrell.

I was diagnosed with MS in late 1999. Contrary to my neurologist’s predictions that chilly October morning – “I think you’ll do very well with this” – my case of MS was fast-moving, aggressive and relentless. (“It hit you like a train,” a friend said.)  The steady march of symptoms included progressive tingling, numbness, stiffness, and a steadily worsening gait; then vision problems, and pain that became almost unbearable. Eventually, I couldn’t walk without support. I had difficulty moving my hands; I could barely turn over in bed; I could barely tolerate being touched. Even the pressure of clothing sometimes hurt.

I submitted to two rounds of intravenous steroids, which didn’t seem to help. Then the neurologist recommended chemotherapy, a very aggressive treatment, to try to stem the relentless progress of the disease. “When is this going to get better?” I asked. His answer was flat: “You are not going to get better. We’re just trying to slow this down.”

But along the way I also turned to Doug, whom I had known for many years. I drove from the United States across Ontario, alone, and hobbled from the car into his office, barely able to walk. My first and most burning question: “Will I be able to heal?” His one-word answer that gave me hope, from that day forward: “Indeed.”

Doug’s is a remarkable gift. In that first reading, he laid out for me an incredibly detailed program of recommendations that included acupuncture, massage, and a slate of other instructions, including working with healing oils, obtaining two devices recommended by the late U.S. psychic Edgar Cayce, drinking two ounces of Dr Pepper every few days, and applying a weak electrical current to my body. He recommended that I eat squid to correct an imbalance that kept me from assimilating food.

The readings also pointed to a deeper, more important level where healing was needed: the emotions (“the constructive and destructive forces in any body”) – the deep and lingering layers of pain from some situations earlier in my life. Illness manifests on subtle levels before we experience it in the body, the reading explained, indicating that if we correct imbalances on those levels, perhaps there need not be a physical manifestation … so that’s my answer to “Why me? Why now?” I thought. Healing on this level I simply hadn’t completed … despite years of patient prodding by the readings.

So I went home, in pain and barely able to walk. I decided also to follow the doctors’ recommendations. But after several rounds of chemotherapy, I was so weak and so ill that I thought that I might not survive the treatment – which doctors assured me wasn’t going to make me “better,” anyway.

One night I lay on my sofa, planning my own funeral. Soon afterward, I reached a turning point: I decided to follow my own inner promptings; to do whatever it would take to get well. So I turned again to the reading, incorporating everything except the things that I simply couldn’t afford. I began to listen to my own intuition. And I began to ask for help from others to whom I was guided.

I read, I studied, I sought answers, and I took action. I requested healing prayer, I explored Chinese herbs, I worked with a gifted homeopath, I studied energy psychology. I began learning martial arts – at a time when I could barely stand. I worked with healers and learned self-healing techniques. I submitted my body to bee venom therapy. A later reading assured me that I was also receiving guidance “from on high.”

I traveled to California, alone and in a wheelchair, to study with a healing prayer group. I was chosen for a healing session – which became one of the deepest experiences of this lifetime. A prayer council member of more than 20 years’ standing said he saw images of lifetimes of physical injury removed during those few minutes – “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said … and, by God’s grace, I never used a wheelchair again.

It’s now more than five years later. I have never again taken medication. My doctor is amazed that the “incurable” case of rapidly progressive MS seems to have abated. He decided the early diagnosis must have been incorrect: Perhaps my case is relapsing-remitting, he told me, or perhaps I had a one-time-only, severe viral attack.

No matter. Today I walk. Today I work. Today I practice martial arts. And my learning and healing continue on all levels.

I now use what I have learned to help others along the path to wellness.

And I strive to offer them the most important gift that Doug has given me, throughout all the years I have known this remarkable man:  Hope.




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