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Stopping Schizophrenia And Other Mental Problems

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Elijah Views: 12,653
Published: 19 years ago

Stopping Schizophrenia And Other Mental Problems

My first wife had it, and I lived with her for five years. My land lady's daugher has it now. She is 43 years old. I have had about 30 years of independent medical research, and this is what I've found to be true about schizophrenia and many other unexplained mental problems.

If you've got it... there was an initial trama during which time the wrong type of protein to pass the blood brain barrier, and this was wrongly patched into some brain cells. In that regard, at one time I saw one report on the net of a Dr. who did brain scans, and came up with quarter-sized dots on his patient's brain. These turned out to be pockets of inflamation. The Dr. gave the patient FLAX SEED OIL twice a day, and in two month's time the quarter size spots, were down to dime size spots. He had the brain scans, and all the data. Over this period of time, the patient had also become less and less affected by the "disease."

After four months he took all the data, and his patient, to the NIH and made a big presentation on how schizophrenia can be curred. You know the rest. It didn't make a lot of money for our economy, etc., and so it didn't go anywhere. Anyway, if you check, search for it on the net, and you should be able to find it. I have also read about FLAX SEED OIL being used to treat other mental problems. It restores nerve tissue. It restores mylan sheath. It restores the anti-inflamation capabilities of the human body. This is the stuff that is taken out of all the grocery store foods (omega 3 fatty acids) to keep the various food items from rapidly deteriorating. In other words, it gives things a long shelf life. It also "shuts down" inflamation problems in the human body! If you can add one and one, it isn't hard to figure out what the real cause is behind all the various "inflamatory diseases" now being experienced in the USA. Wanta get well? Start doing research on Omega 3 fatty acids.

If you have a burp ... get "Pharmacy Grade" Omega 3 fatty acids, 100 are only 14.95 or so, and you will love em. There are not impurities in the pharamacy grade omega 3's. Also, see if you can figure out what food items are "triggering" the bad reactions. This means, KEEP A GOOD FOOD DIARY. Once you are on the omega 3's (flax seed oil) it will not be difficult for you to identify whatever it is that you are eating, or being exposed to, that is setting off your worst bouts of schizophrenia. The "trigger factor" may be a food item, or a hair spray, or a certain brand of soap... you'll be able to identify it. It may even be a air deodorizer. Look for a "word" or a "situation" that compares to the initial trama... like what you were eating or what you had eaten just before the trama occurred. This will "fill you in" on the attacks as being, NOT A HEAD THING, in terms of knowing it is all a syndrom, and not a true "mental" thing. When you grasp this, you will get clear of all the times you have tried to "figure it out" and otherwise "fix it" as a mind thing. Then, once you identify the trigger, you can get hold of the "reaction" to the trigger, and start turning that arround.

If you were an alcholic, the trigger thing would send you to a bar, but you aren't an alcholic! You would be drinking in an attempt to feel better! In your case, what you are doing is going into a series of "head trips" instead of drinking. So, to put an end to all this useless, MERRY GO ROUND brain activity, identify the trigger, first. Then, as you become aware of it, INSTEAD OF FALLING INTO THE SAME OLD CYCLES, use that same trigger as a GREEN LIGHT to get up and get going! Go see a friend, or write a letter! Mow the grass! Walk the dog! Do anything that breaks you out of the "Merry Go Round" syndrom, and each time you do it - you will distance yourself furter and further from "the effects" of schizophrenia. Also, keep taking the flax seed oil, and get a second source of omega 3's too, just to cover all the basis. Each month that you take the Omega 3's, you will get better and better. It occurs naturally in COLD WATER FISH, and it is not in trash fish or warm water fish, or "crab flake" trash-fish products.

Start reading everything you can find on flax seed oil, and omega 3's! Elijah

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