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A Cure For Schizophrenia ?
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Published: 19 years ago

A Cure For Schizophrenia ?

Has your friend with schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia had a Kryptopyrrole test, or looked into True Hope in Canada or the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer ? I hear the Pfeiffer Center is a good source for testing for those with mental disorder. Here is another excellent link for your friend with mental illness to review

If your friend with the mental illness has suffered a traumatic birth, any head injuries, or automobile accidents, you might wish to introduce him to Neural Cranial Restructuring or chiropractic to the skull, which helps the brain pump, and has allegedly shown clinical success in some cases of obsessive compulsive disoders, psychosis, and bipolar disorder.
I found that I had emf's ranging over 100 milligauss from a speaker at my comptuer desk. You can use a trifield meter to check your working and sleeping areas for high electromagnetic field emissions. This can cause disorders in some people of various kinds. ( Cell Phone s too?)

As for the borna virus, for those with Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia, or maybe other neurological or nervous disorders (???), without directly addressing the borna virus , and this would be the case in a high percentage of these illnesses, as Stanford, and other research is demonstrating, doing any other treatments without first addressing the virus would be missing the boat. I take transfer factor plus to build up my immune system to 248% stronger, and to have an ARMY of NK killer cells on the march to push back, fight, and KILL these borna viruses. I then have zapped for 5 days straight with the borna virus frequency sets. I plan on doing this frequency therapy set or zapping at least once a week in the future, and when I obtain my own ABPA in the future, and get the imprint device to attach to the FSCAN II, I will then target them with that, and learn to make homeopathic or energized "imprinted" preparations to address this virus, or other things as needed. Some of these concepts are discussed here -

As you can see, if the Russians are having a 96% cure rate of Hepatitus C with Clark and Rife methods or frequency medicine and homeopathic types of treatments, then there is great hope in combatting and treating the borna virus that is present in so many bipolar disorders and schizophrenics which researcher's are discovering is at the very root or source of these kinds of disorders in *many*, but not all cases.

I am personally zapping the borna virus with the following frequency sets. These borna virus sets are credited to Dr. Sutherland:

365536 w16
1040556 w20
346533 w20
242643 w20
2032 w5
2363 w5
1865 w5
2995 w5
2198 w5
1763 w5
2571 w5
2035 w5
2356 w5
1870 w5
1626 w5
2644 w5
2795 w5
2151 w5
I run these frequencies 5 minutes
I run 508 and 369 with a wobble of 4 for 45 minutes each

In theory, a 1x a week treatment of 3.1 hours should keep me off toxic medications, have NO side effects, and cost me nothing than the Fscan II and Transfer Factor. Hey, maybe someone out there with more powerful Rife or frequency (read plasma???) equipment will someday soon completely eliminate this borna virus, but until then, this should work for me.

I am pursuing some radionics saliva testing with Dr. Loyd, and also have some final test results coming back from my nutritionist. This should fine tune my current diet practices and routine, and be a further check into things.

I will be pursuing plate zapping in the future, along with getting an imprint device to work with the Fscan. The Fscan is very simple to use, believe it or not, and comes with a great manual, as well as being spoken about in more detail on Dr. Sutherland and Dr. Loyd's sites. It really is more simplistic than it may sound. It's a lot easier than operating a home computer. I am not too familar with the fg you reference, but the F160 has been strongly recommended for family members who cannot afford the Fscan II. How much is having your own personal virus, bacteria, mold, mycotoxin, fungus, parasite killer worth anyway? Your life? :) The number ONE defense is Reinfection is always an issue in so many situations out there, so I always and forever take my Transfer Factor Plus as my first line defense and immune system booster. Nothing else even comes close to this. It's SO vital to understand that. I think people who do zapping or frequency medicine with taking the Transfer Factor are only doing half the job, and setting themselves up for reinfection. Transfer Factor should be EVERYONE's FIRST PRIORITY, and FIRST expenditure or budgeted item for health attainment or protocol's. Do your homework, and you will see :) Besides the top medical doctors and researchers in the world say so! 1-866-315-4002

I am very fortunate in that an Advanced Biophoton Analyzer will be targeting me, and transmitting frequencies to me, or "zapping" me per se against the borna virus, while I am away in Russia for a week, as I will not be able to reasonably or wisely travel there with the Fscan or a frequency generator. And hey, who want's to get locked up in Russia for going nutz? :) So as a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and 6 previous hospital admissions for severe psychosis, I'll feel insured against the critters that have long inflamed my brain from time to time, causing havoc, and so psychosis. The borna virus is something that in theory is uncurable, but with frequency medicine, and The Transfer Factor Plus (GREAT FOR ALL NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS) new possibilities arise, and the future is wide open. If I weren't traveling to such a risky area, I'd simply put the Fscan in my leather satchel, and take off.

Why is it that some of the coolest and most genius doctor's alive today ( medical research scientists ) and men of action are all former Vietnam Veterans & Jet Fighter Pilots?

Here are some sites, with great information for fellow zappers, and those with an interest in Rife, Clark, and frequency medicine or electronic medicine -

Apparently research suggests that in many cases of depression, and manic depression, the borna virus is present and the root suspected cause.

Why didn't the medical doctor's and psychiatrists I worked with for over 5 years in managing the care for the mentally ill, mentally retarded, and elderly ever run these tests? Most don't even know about them, and much of what is shared in this post is CUTTING EDGE DISCOVERY and RESEARCH. I don't wait for the corrupt F.D.A. to approve these therapies. Medical drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in America, and most antidepressant and antipsychotic medications have numerous, debilitating side effects, some of which are permanent. Side effects include, ironically, suicide, homocide, and Depression of all things... do your homework, ask the Pharmacist to provide you with a list of "known" side effects, and beware of those which studies don't "know" about... or have yet to be *discovered* (read reported). Tarkia Diskenesia is one such side effect, and rather permanent. Kiss your sex life goodbye in time, with medical drugs, because most lead to impotence, or lowered libido, etc. etc.

Remember the Fscan 2 is a Class One Licensed Medical Device in Europe, and that Rife therapies are used in some hospitals and clinics in Europe

Hope This Helps.

It is important to remember that the Fscan II is a Class I Licensed Medical Device in Europe.


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