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3 weird death related dreams 3 nights in a row.

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Published: 16 years ago

3 weird death related dreams 3 nights in a row.

I've never had this happen where I have similar theme dreams days in a row..

First I have to say deep down I'm scared to death of dying. Sometimes it just hits me that I'm going to die and I really think about it and I hate it. It scares me. Other times, I just don't care. But I have NOT had these feelings in a while.

First dream. Me and my mom just got out of a car (not a familiar car in real life..) that was pulled up to a park. Stone wall and fence in front of it. I don't think I have ever been there before, but think it reminds me of a park I went to when I was a kid. My mother tells me I'm dying and only have untill the end of the day to live. My dead grandfather who died a few years ago and my dead dog who died when I was like 10 were just standing there and walking around. When she told me, I freaked out, crired and woke up. I felt in the dream like I do in real life when I think about dying. But I just woke up with a "wtf" type feeling.

Should be noted that the dog that was in the dream wasn't even the one who I was really really close to since she died young and when I was young. But I guess I might associate that dog more with my grandfather.

Um the second dream/day. I dreamt I was over someone's house who I've never really been over since I was a kid. That person is just ...there.. means nothing to me. Maybe it should be noted that this person babysat me when I was really little while my family was at a funeral..
Then my uncles pick me up.. which is weird... I never even have a conversation with these people, I do't like them. And as we're going home they tell me my grandfather isn't dead, he faked his death and was away at some distant realtives house being taken care of.. Which makes no sense either, he wasn't dying from cancer or anything like that...
And that he was fine now and on his way home..
The dream ended with everyone standing in my kitchen/grandfather's kitchen with him at the door and me feeling really mad at everyone for lying to me, and not really caring that he was back because I already got over his death.. And my mom just standing there crying..

Um. I'm over my grandfather's death. I have no idea what any of that means. The only thing I can make out of it is the first dream I am scared of dying. The second..... I think I watch too many soaps where people come back from the dead.

Last night I dream I'm at a gas station which is down the street. This gas station means nothing to me, I don't ever go to it. Its night time. I'm like sitting there arguing with my mother on a cell (I don't have a cell..) to come and get me but she's in another town and says no she can't.(head that before in real life..although not that particular town). Somehow there's also a shepard/lab mix puppy that I'm trying to save because if I didnt' take it, it would get left and nobody would want it. So I call my mother back and she tells me to call my grandmother. I lie to her about the puppy and say its sick so she'd say yes, but she doesn't answer me at all. I waited. Then finally walked home/grandmother's house (The OLD house we used to live in years ago thats not there anymore) with the puppy. Later on in the room my grandfather is there again but ALIVE. And I tell him "you're going to be mad at me" and show him the puppy. And he was mad. Then I woke up.

Um.. Ok. There was a shepard/lab puppy 13yrs ago but that puppy was NOT her. And she is still ALIVE and well today.

Why do I keep having weird dreams like this? This consistancy thing has never happened before. All have my grandfather in it. 2 have dogs in it and 2 are related to death. Any idea what they mean?

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