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my mother's dream
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Published: 16 years ago
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my mother's dream

Hi Marlene :-)

My mother had a very vivid dream that she shared with me- and my pastor back in the 1970's.

in the dream, my mother recalled standing out in the back yard with me and my sister. The sky was perfectly blue - no clouds whatsoever, and the day was a beautiful Sunny day.

All of a sudden , three large very shiny silver passenger jets flew through the sky- and left trails of jet stream that polluted the air. She remarked- "how rotten, the sky was so beautiful, and these jets marred it!

Then the jet stream formed into shapes of people from the Middle East-with turbans and robes. She became frightened.

After this, God's voice began speaking out loud and my sister and I became more afriad. She told us, "Dont worry kids, it's God speaking'. We began to kneel at our patio while God spoke about to all mankind. Even the Middle-Eastern "cloud people" which formed from the jet streams began to kneel before God's voice.

God began revealing all forms of hidden corruption starting with the most influental power rich person first. My mother recalled feeling scared -knowing the skeletons in her own "personal closet" would also be revealed.

As she was kneeling, hearing God's voice speak, she thought in the dream-- "what about my husband, does he hear God too?
Then the vision immediately turned to my father's den where he keeps his desk. Their was this stereo speaker over the door in my father's den in this dream that wasnt there before.

God's voice was coming out of this speaker, and she was shown that God's voice was coming out of every television speaker, radio speaker, etc.. so that every man heard Him -and I guess all programs were interrupted by God's voice.

Well my mom never told my father this dream- he would ridicule her if she ever shared it with him. So to this day he has no clue about it. Nevertheless, guess what? He installed a speaker over the door of his den-- right where it was shown in that dream-- and at the time of the dream it didnt exist!

My mother got the goosebumps after Watergate happened, and the hidden corruption of president Nixon were revealed-- she felt that the dream could have been pointing to that.

Well- after 9/11 happened- it gave me and my mom even more goosebumps!-- The three jets in her dream were the three jets of 9/11 that were hijacked. Dont forget that even though one of the jets never got to take off as planned, it was still hijacked with people killed in it. The other two hit the buildings (Pentagon and Twin Towers)

The 'cloud people" turning into Middle Eastern dressed men were the Taliban as far as I can see at this point!

At God's voice every knee bowed in that dream-- just as it says in the Bible, "And every knee shall bow"

It also reminds me of when the troops were sent to take Jesus captive before His crucifixion- that when he responded in the garden, saying "Here I Am" all the solders fell to the ground.

God's voice brings power- nothing can stand against it.

folks, we never forgot this dream-- We are in the End times. This is not bull here., we never had a dream like this afterwards.

My sister doesnt like it when i talk about this dream.. Noone wants to really face it- especially myself- because we get too comfortable with our selfish lives-- but its' an eyeopener.


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