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Dreams surrounding an injury
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Published: 16 years ago

Dreams surrounding an injury

In August I dislocated my knee requiring ligament reconstruction. Since then I have been having very strange dreams. Normally I do not remember my dreams but I remember these recurring dreams quite well. When I was younger (I am now 31) I used to play football. In my first dream I am on the sideline and I am watching my team play. As the game goes on I watch other people make all the best plays I had made during my playing days. I am astounded as I watch this and I finally turn to a teammate beside me and I tell him that it wasnt them that made those plays it was me!! His reply is that I can't even walk let alone play football and that I should shut up. That is the end of that dream.

Another dream has me sprinting down field to cover a kickoff. As I am sprinting my knee dislocates again and i fall to the ground. When this happens I wake up immediately. I feel no pain in this dream.

My third dream is a very strange one. I am following this woman. She is taking me somewhere so that we can be alone together. We walk up these stairs and then she crosses this half fallen down brick wall. The wall itself is no higher than just below my waist level. As I attempt to cross to continue following her I lift my left leg (the one I injured) to go over the wall. As I lift it my knee bends backwards. I feel no pain but it scares me so I put my leg down. I try again and again my knee bends backwards. I do this a few times until finally I try one last time and I fall sideways and then wake up.

The dreams seemingly are my mind trying to deal with my injury but I am wondering if there is a deeper meaning to them. Perhaps in the case of the two "football" dreams my mind is telling me its time to hang em up and give up playing sports? I injured my knee playing hockey. In the case of the last dream is my mind perhaps telling me to not chase after women? lol I sure hope that isnt what my mind is trying to say. Anyway, some interpretation would be appreciated.

I find dreams to be fascinating but I unfortunately usually only remember a few a year. These three dreams, all recurring dreams, I had beginning only a week or two after I injured myself. Oddly, since injuring my knee I have been able to remember dreams more often.

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