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My healing of Multiple sclerosis
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Published: 19 years ago
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My healing of Multiple sclerosis

Hi everyone. Just up front, I have nothing to sell and no profits to make off of what is helping me to heal. I do not belong to any form of distributorship, mls, or whatever else exists out there.

I am a 41 year old divorced mother of two children who came down with symptoms of multiple sclerosis after being vacinated for hepatitis A and B while in the registered nursing program. I have had symptoms for about three years now. Several doctors do believe I have it, but due to lack of medical insurance, I cannot afford testing. One dr. testing my reflexes says I have an upper motor lesion. The most they will say is probable MS. I will not persue the diagnosis any further because I fear being denied medical insurance when I do start working, life insurance and the ability to ever work. Hopefully it is not too late, because what I am doing is healing my body.

Immediately after the vacine, I developed a fever, chills, achiness, and extreme fatigue that presisted for several months. It usually started around 12:00 after my classes were over or close to ending, so no one ever noticed my symptoms. I had chills, and general malaise. I would start to feel better just in time for the next vaccine in the series. I had night sweats and would wake up soaked. (Other things that may have contributed to my symptoms is multiple tick bites, I test negative for lymes dz. When I was a child, I had symptoms of mononucleosis, but tested negative. I had fibromyalgia for about 15 years, now it is almost gone and chronic fatigue.)

My strength on my left side of my body was affected. At first I noticed my leg became weak and heavy, I started stumbling around, and eventually I started falling as the symptoms progressed. I had numbness and tingling, electrical like sensations on my left side which eventually spread up to my ribcage. My face felt numb and I developed difficulty off and on with swallowing. All my symptoms were cyclic. Gradually my left arm became weak and heavy. I felt like I had a stroke. Over the next three years I became progressively worse. After graduation, I became so weak that my children had to get me up out of bed because I could not move my left arm or leg to push up. I was too weak. At times, I was totally paralyzed with weakness. Things that make me worse are my period, heat, stress, an infection like the flu or cold, the ex. husband, and people that send negative enegry my way.

I would cycle between feeling bad to like I was dying. When you can't lift you leg or move your toes and you are totally dependent on your children to help you, it's horrible. I would wake up only to fall asleep an hour later. In the afternoon I was taking another 4 hour nap. I had no strength to do housework or read, I could not concentrate, my memory was horrible, and I felt foggy in the brain. I was so weak and exhausted. My children would have to help me up when I would fall. They would hold my hand to help me maintain my balance when I walked. They would have to get up off of the couch and into the bathroom. I could of not have made it without their help. I was having trouble with incontence. On my worst days my right side was also affected, but not as badly as the left side. My foot would droop and drag on the carpet when I would take a step, I could not lift it up or make it work right. It is hard because my illness made my children grow up extra fast even though they are young.

I was desperate, so I turned to an online ms support group through yahoo, called mscured. One person that I had observed and watched his healing progress name is Jeff Frankel who has had ms for many years. He connected me with a master herbalist named Laura who also helps me when I have questions.

It is not just us that is healing, but other people are starting to see results. I contacted him and asked him to help me. He calls me frequently to check up and see how I am doing. He has taught me to listen to my body and its symptoms, so I know what nutrients I am depleted in. He has taught me which companies provide products that help your body to heal. I found out that many products are made of chemicals that don't do a thing for you. I know because I used them and had no luck. When I started following his advice and listening to my body, I started getting better.

My children say my walking skills were on a level of 0 to 2 out of a one to ten scale. Now they rate them at 7 out of 10. I know I am not healed totally, but I am doing much better. I sleep only five hours a night or so because I now have enegry. My strength is better than ever. I am starting to exercise to increase my strength and muscle tone. I am now confident that I will be healed enough soon to work.

One product that I use is called the Rebuilder. It is made to treat diabetic neuropathy. Basically the symptoms are the same as the numbness and tingling and heavy sensations as MS patients have. It is like a tens machine but different. It has three settings which work on rebuilding the nerves pathways and strengthens the muscles. It relieves pain in the muscles and lets me go into a deep sleep after I use it in the evening. When I use it in the morning, it seems to give me more enegry. I noticed my strength improved after the second usage and gradually it has improved over the two months that I have used it. Now I am able to walk without dragging my foot, my gait is normal, and my balance is much better. Only if I overdo myself and get overheated do my symptoms return. It now usually takes about three days of really overdoing it before I start to have slight symptoms. But I have found I can turn it around all the symptoms within a few hours.

One lady that started using the rebuilder had not been able to walk much in the last several years is now taking steps. Another was able to get off her pain medications, and Jeff that I mentioned above is able to feel his feet and legs, where as before he could not. His balance is improving and I have not heard of him falling for a while now. I believe in our ms support group around 7 or eight people are using the rebuilder with good results. One lady had spastic arms and uses it on her arms so she can relax her muscles with excellent results.

I believe along with using the rebuilder, nutrition is very important. The nutrients that I am taking have a direct effect on my symptoms. I have learned that if I have weakness to increase my potassium. I take a herbal potassium, not a chemical potassium. My body can absorb it an use it. Other ones had no effect. There are many other nutrients that I take too. I changed my diet to vegan. I try to avoid gluten as this can contribut to MS. I have greatly increased my diet to include high amounts of fresh, organic fruits and vegtables and I drink fresh vegie or fruit juice. I belive it is the combination of things that I do that work. The rebuilder and supplements have speeded up my healing. Nothing I did before using these products had an effect.

I have done liver cleanses, colon cleansing, parasite cleanses, kidney cleanses, lymphatic cleanses, distilled water, juice fasts, etc. None has helped me as much as the rebuilder and supplements. I do believe in them and feel they are very beneficial and contribute to healing. I also do reki once a week.

If you wish to know more, feel free to contact me. Either I or some other friends that I have made who have MS can work on helping you to heal. Like I said, I have nothing to profit from this, I just want to see people heal.

I feel lucky that I am having good results with this program. I have been on it for a couple of months and feel almost normal. There still is a tiny bit symptoms, but nothing that I can't live with. Some days I am totally free of symptoms. I just feel like I now have my life back. I took my children to the book store today, the movies, and shopping. I am still up and it is after 12:00 pm and doing well. I am just very excited and wanted you to know that I am healing and I feel good!!!


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