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The Present - social issues
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Published: 17 years ago

The Present - social issues

Again, I feel I must write about the Present Moment, but from a social view this time.

Our western world seems to be designed around taking us AWAY from the present. It is all about working for the future so we don't repeat the past horrors. Retirement savings is the big one. People used to have FAITH that the children would grow up and feed the elders, but we have given that security blanket over to capitalism now too.

Even in the most 'immediate moments', we focus on the future or past. Being in pain for example - we could change our mindset to the present and be relieved of 'a degree of pain', but we usually continue to focus on "oooo, i had this pain before", and "oh oh, how bad can it BECOME? " , which both have the effect of increasing our anxiety about the pain we are feeling, and in turn, that anxiety increases the pain. 'Present Moment pain' means looking at just what pain is there, which is the least it CAN be.

Where it is really affecting our lives is in our social contact.
"Visiting" friends involves discussion of all things past and future ; nobody says "lets stay in the present moment for this visit", which would involve saying things like "I have this feeling and that feeling" [physical or mental]", but NOT the usual "i went down to the store and had this thing happen". THAT goes down and down into complaints, bigger complaints, and more complaints by each participant like a competition. But all very pleasant of course.

We have been trained to visit like that. We see it on TV for 50 years and we do it the same...

I want a visit that is all about NOW. Not history and not conjecture, but what actually IS. {PS - that old 'Being, not doing' theme fits in here too!]

If we could talk about "how we are in this moment" more often, it would lead to greater self-awareness and a greater awareness of how others are doing. Distraction from the present serves to limit our awareness and it serves materialism so well because materialism is alla about wanting what we dont have instead of BEING satified with what is here. That, of course, is what makes people earn money anyway they can, and desire for the big money is where the big troubles start.

"OK, so I don't KNOW a thing".
Nothing can open one's mind more than saying that because in the Present, nothing is all we have. All this stuff around me is not part of me, ownership is just a gimmick for some future fantasy where you might have to declare this stuff if yours.... if you died or went away now, all that stuff would be left behind - not part of you! The Present can reveal this to you, its about who YOU are.

A solid view of "who you are" is the best way to keep from losing yourself in this confusion and fear.


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