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Re: Healing the root cause. Different kinds of healing.

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Andreas Moritz Views: 2,894
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Healing the root cause. Different kinds of healing.

Dear PTogether,

Thank you for asking these great quesitons.

1. The different perspectives of healing exist because we have seperated the phsyical body from the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our existence. To say that true physical healing cannot occur because the karmic reasons behind the ailment and suffering are not being considered and dealt with, is not necesarily the case. If healing of an illness occurs on the physcial level, the karmic cause-effect relationship of that particular illness has already been resolved. If healing does not occur, this relationship is still intact. This is not to say that we are victims of our own karma (past actions). Our higher spiritual self organizes life in such a way that we can bring to conclusion whatever did not have the chance of being completed in the past. Karma should not be understood to be a form of punishment for our past "bad" actions. Instead, it provides us with the opportunity to clear the guilt for what we once believed were our bad or evil actions. Freeing ourself of guilt is the only reason for us to go through these past-related. It is not about forgiving others, or asking others ot oforgive us. It not even about forgiving ourselves. It rather is about accepting all parts of us, the light and dark sides, the right and wrong sides, the positive and negative sides. For as long as we deny, ignore or reject one such part, such as good or evil, we are faced with the challenge of becoming one versus the other. Thus, we remain incomplete. Past karma helps us to rebalance ourselves. It forces us to look at and deal with the lack of love for us. Disease can help us get there, if all else has failed. Healing occurs when the love for ourselves is being rekindled. The love for our body is just as important as the love for anything else. The body is just as non-physical as consciousness itself. Each atom and subatomic particle is ultimately just energy and information or intelligence, which are the main qualities of consciousness. There is nothing solid about the body. If the body is sick, it shows we harbor ill feelings towards ourselves. This happens mostly unconsciously, hence the need for a physical event to bring it to our conscious attention. We get healed, either through the hands or minds of others, or through our own makings, when we have shifted inside towards feeling more love for ourselves, our body, others, and our world. True healing always occurs within us, and radiates into our mental, emotional and physical body. Sometimes, we need a catalyst for this to happen. So the healer appears. His touch, words, energy, etc. can then set off what has already happened. If the person is not ready to become whole (healed) it won't happen, regardless how good the healer is. Man years ago, I have witnessed a healer straighten a deformed spine, only to see it revert back to its deformed state hours later. The person wasn't able to accept the fact that he was loved, due to self-hatred. So the healing did not take. On the other hand, I have been able to completely remove paralysis of someone within in a few minutes and with very little doing on my behalf, and she remained that way. Sacred Santemony is a way to rekindle the love for oneself and thereby allow healing to occur. However, not everyone gets attracted to it, which is how it has to be.

Just thinking of someone and forgiving them or asking their forgiveness may not go deep enough. Healing requires an emotional experience of love.


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