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My experience using Colosan vs Oxypowder.
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Published: 15 years ago
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My experience using Colosan vs Oxypowder.

Hi Jeanette,
From user's descriptions of their experiences, it would seem that Oxypowder and Colosan are similar products and would flush the intestines in much the same way.
That is what I thought until I tried the Colosan. It has been a significantly different experience. I am looking forward to Andreas response on the subject (thank you Andreas for your wonderful insights and words of wisdom!).

I used Oxypowder for 3 - 4 days to prepare for each of my three liver flushes, and then used it again after the liver flush to clean out any stones. It usually took 2-3 days before I stopped seeing stones in the toilet after flushes 2 and 3 (no stones, only chaff with liver flush #1).

I took 4 - 6 capsules of Oxypowder on the first day, then increased by 2 capsules nightly until I had 3+ watery bowel movements a day. This usually happened by the second day, with 6 or 8 capsules. The watery bowel movements ("butt pee")were almost odorless. I attribte the lack of odor to the effect of the ozone released into the intestines. The first watery BM was brown, then darkening in colour to almost black before lightening up to a pale tan colour that I thought was my current day's food. I did see nearly black rubbery fragments on occasion that I took to be pieces of mucoid plaque. The watery bowel movements were neither hot or cold. My urine did not appear to be dramatically affected. I had no intestinal cramping/griping and only an occasional gurgle. It was easy to control my bowel movements, even though liquid, and I did not feel at risk of an "accident".

With Colosan, per the directions on the label, I took a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water and followed it with an ounce of apple cider vineagar diluted in water. Two hours after taking the Colosan, I had very painful intestinal griping and very audible gurgling noises. I had one loose bowel movement with a strong odor about it in the morning, and another soft movement later in the evening, but no watery bowel movement. I took another dose of Colosan the next night. This time I did get some watery bowel movements. They were light tan coloured, with a strong odor again. The odor had a definite smell of sulfur, which I notice when I use epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). This makes me wonder if Colosan contains some epsom salts or similar sulfer containing substance (which would be imporant to know if you are allergic to sulfur, as my husband is - he can't take epsom salts and needs to be careful with foods with a high sulfur content like apricots). The other effects I notice when taking Colosan it that the BMs are hot, and my uring gets hot. By this I mean that it feels noticeably hot and strong smelling when passing either. It was difficult to contain the BMs because my colon felt irritated. I almost had an accident at work.
Colosan also left me feeling parched and I had a very dry mouth after taking the Colosan. (much like the feeling I get drinking the empsom salts during the liver flush) I had increased my water consumption (about 2 literes per day) but still could not get rid of the dry mouth and throat feeling. My skin was also noticeably dryer. At one point my kidneys actually ached a little. I also found myself constipated for several days after I stopped the Colosan. I am not normally constipated and have been using Oxypowder only as a pre and post liver flush cleanser and was not constipated when stopping the Oxypowder.

To give some background, I am a VPK constitution with a primary Vata and secondary Pitta imbalance. I am wondering if maybe Colosan works better for persons with more Kapha in their constitutions or Kapha imbalances? Maybe I'm just allergic to something in the Colosan. There are certainly many people using it with great success and satisfaction, and Andreas recommended it in his books.

I will post this on the Bowel Cleanse forum as well. Please don't take this as an attach on Colosan. I simply want to let others know that there can be noticeable difference between the two products and some constitutions may do better with Oxypowder instead of Colosan.


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