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Depression -- Andreas, have you ever heard of something like this?
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Published: 14 years ago

Depression -- Andreas, have you ever heard of something like this?

Since November, my sister-in-law, now 50, has had three 'strokes'. At least that was what my brother was told; however, now they have been to her own Neurologist after these strokes and he contends that she has never had a stroke. He seems to lean toward depression.

Two years ago, my sister-in-law suddenly left the house to 'run away'. My brother finally found her at a local hotel and she was passed out on the bed. After this episode, it was determined that she was in a depression. She did not have a pleasant childhood and is constantly distressed that her Mother did not take good care of her; they do not speak because the Mother upsets her so. The Father had taken her from the Mother, when she was 2 years old (after finding her diaper unchanged and filthy and the Mother out cold from alcohol) and she was raised partly by a maternal grandmother and her Father when he remarried. Then, her Father had another daughter and my sister-in-law was 'out', more or less.

She had a benign brain tumour when she was 16 (they thought that she was having a nervous breakdown at the time); since that time, she has been on a myriad of medication to control seizures.

Have you heard of anything like this being called 'depression'? My brother has treated her like a Queen for years. It was advised that she not have children and she has never gotten over that deprivation; 'things' seem to be important to her and so my brother buys her things. She is considered to be odd and people treat her quite well, mainly because they have such a high regard for her husband, my brother.

If she were not taking so many drugs for her seizures, etc., I would suggest several alternative methods of treatment, starting with a much better diet and various cleanses. However, she is 'locked in time' and still seems to be 16 in many ways. She is quite closed to anything that I might suggest.

This is quite a sad situation and I was just wondering if you had ever heard of anything this extreme and which has been mistaken for strokes -- in which she has lost her speech and had to work to regain it; her thinking is quite slow with this trouble; she has to wear a brace on her left leg because she has lost so much power in it and uses a walker when they go out. The first 'stroke' occurred when she suddenly could not speak; she managed to call an Aunt who went around to the house and then got her to a hospital. Walking into the kitchen three months later, she collapsed and hit the back of her head on the ceramic tile and then was taken to the hospital with her second 'stroke'; she could not feel her feet that night for several hours. A couple of weeks later, she was dizzy and went to the hospital. While waiting in a wheelchair in the reception area, she fell out of the chair and smashed her face on the terrazzo floor which resulted in her having a very bruised face. Then a couple of weeks after that, she lost her footing (her little Yorkies were around her feet) and she fell forward onto her face and elbows -- on to the ceramic floor again!

This sounds incredibly bizarre to me. Help! Does anyone have any sites where I could do some research on this? She has a headache almost all of the time and is now in bed a lot of the time (that would sound like depression); her blood pressure is low. Her local Neurologist thinks that her arteries are hardening due to the radiation which she received at 16, when they removed the tumour; apparently, this Neurologist has several other patients in the same situation. My brother simply does not know where next to turn for help for his ailing wife. She must feel dreadful with her head hurting all of the time.

Kindest thoughts.


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