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Nothing worked for me except NAET
mikeh Views: 9,301
Published: 17 years ago

Nothing worked for me except NAET

I've not posted much here in a while, but I thought I'd give an update on my parasite problems.

Well, I've Tried:

Heavy Metal Detox
Dental Cleanup
Herbal Cleansing ( several different formula's ), really strong stuff like Wormwood and Black-Walnut too.
Diet Changes ( Raw diet and cooked diets, Blood Type Diet , carb restriction, Alkaline diet, no meat, no dairy, etc )
Clay Packs
Zapper ( Never again... )
Tai Chi

Many of these helped in some way or another. Some are total BS and don't do anything but line the pockets of someone else.

But Nothing got rid of the parasites. Nothing... They keep coming back after each cleanse.

Well, I'm back to doing NAET and we are doing individual parasites, 1 per treatment, instead of the parasite mix ( which failed ). And its working! Slowly but surely.

I guess for some people like me, reprogramming the immune system is the only way. The ONLY Way. The parasites are everywhere, and your immune system has got to work right to get rid of them.

Unless of course you plan on living in a "plastic bubble", never eating out and cleansing for the rest of your life. :)

One last word, be careful with the diets. It seems like the parasites can "hide and sleep" as long as they need to. All I ever got from the diets like the Raw diets and restricting dairy/meat was the beginning of night blindness/dry eyes from Vitamin A defieciency and tingling in the limbs from B-12 defieciency. Both which I noticed and quickly resolved by adding some fish oil, meat, dairy, and b-12 supplement back into my diet in moderation. Besides, there are so many species of parasites, I think that you can never starve them off. For every food type you restrict, there is bound to be a parasite that loves it. After all Tapeworms and flukes live in livestock, even if they eat raw grass... And amoebas live on fruit ( my brother got them in Central America once ). So I don't buy the raw food viewpoint anymore. No matter what you eat, SOMETHING is going to get benefit from it. Of course I'm not advising a diet with lots of Sugar or junk in it. I still eat mostly organic foods and lots of raw veggies/fruits.

And of course to add to the fun, in some places around the world, they still "fertilize" fields with human waste, which makes me not feel so bad about living in the USA ( I think I got most of my parasites while in Asia, after getting really ill a few times over there after eating "questionable" meals. ). Never eat anything described as "Special" or "Just for you".



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