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Re: Glaxony...a few questions for you, please...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Glaxony...a few questions for you, please...

It really kind of depends on what ails you. I have hep C, which makes me susceptible to liver and lung flukes. When I realized what was going on, and that I had all the symptoms, I went after them.

It is my understanding that parasites lay thousands of eggs and the mother puts off a hormone that prevents the eggs from hatching until after she dies. Anti-parasitical herbs in your system will also prevent the eggs from hatching. It is important to keep your colon cleaned out. Get rid of as many eggs as possible with colonic irrigation and fiber. You also have to stop taking antiparasiticals periodically and give the deeply embedded eggs time to hatch out, then go back on the anti-parasiticals and kill the babies, before they have time to grow up, mate and lay more eggs.

It is also my understanding that many of the little diverticuli pockets, polyps, bulges or whatnot in the colon are nests that parasites made for their eggs. They apparently put caps over the nests, so nothing can get to their eggs and disturb them. And those stinging needle like sensations are parasites piercing your insides, moving around, breaking out of their shells, mating, looking for food, traveling through your insides, whatever. What I know is limited. I can only imagine. Some of this is hyperbole as I try to fill in the gaps of my knowledge.

If you know which parasite you are dealing with, and how long it takes for them to hatch out and reach juvenile stages, it would apparently be helpful in determining how long you need to take the anti-parasitical herbs, and how long to stop taking them. I've heard there is some research indicating that anti-parasiticals work best 10 days on and 5 days off. And it takes 10 rounds at that frequency to completely eliminate them. I've also heard they are more active during the full moon and you need to hit them as hard as you can during their active phase. Mine do seem to flare up during full moons.

I've flushed a lot of parasites out of my system with a product called Clear, sold by Awareness Corporation. It is expensive, but in my opinion, worth it. I've seen things in the toilet that look sort of like baby June bugs and two wads of ascaris. It also gets rid of those rolled up tomatoe peel looking critters, and green leafy looking doo dads. I've seen gray oil floating after a BM, and sometimes get black particles. The smell is atrocious when stuff like this comes out. Usually the smell isn't all that bad.

I have also used Red Clover Stillingia for over a year. When I combine the BR and RCS, tiny little worms start to surface on my tongue, but I have to take a lot of it, nearly twice what my accupuncturist recommends.

Some say it is impossible to completely get rid of parasites because the eggs are everywhere. The best we can do is cleanse regularly and keep them at a minimum. In order to keep them at a minimum, you have to kill off as many of the big ones as you can, and this can be difficult, since the size of the dose required to kill them, can also be lethal to you. But if you can't kill them without killing yourself in the process, take heart. The life cycle of most parasites is pretty short, except (I think) tape worms. I probably shouldn't go into what I think without doing some research and making sure, but since you asked...

This is all just my opinion, based on my personal experience and a bunch of heresay. I have no proof. Take what you like and leave the rest. If there are any experts who know better, by all means, speak up and I'll stand corrected.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bloodroot saved my life. But it is hard to take because it makes you feels so sick. So I have combined it with a lot of other things. There is a whole lot of information about what else I have done on the Bloodroot forum and in other threads. You may want to do a search for all my threads and read them too.

I tend towards extremes. I periodically increase the dose until I can feel them biting, stinging, and crawling around in me, and on me, trying to get away from it. A couple of my advisors are always telling me that I should go slower and I don't have to suffer. But knowing there are parasites living in in my body to the detriment of my health, is harder for me to endure than the pain of killing them off, so I go after them hard and heavy every chance I get. I cannot do cleansing and work, or function, normally. I need lots of rest when I do it. I also need to stay close to the bathroom.


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