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Day 12 on Colonix: a (long:)) report
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Published: 16 years ago

Day 12 on Colonix: a (long:)) report

(I posted this in the Bowel Cleanse Forum as well)

Hi everyone! Thanks to the support and knowledge i have gained from this site I am in the beginning stages of my first cleanse! Here is an update, as promised:

I am a 34 year old female, who lives a pretty healthy lifestyle. My family usually eats organic, with few animal products, lots of country air, etc. etc. I started this cleanse in support of my husband, who has had these increasingly annoying hives and low energy for a few years now. We finally connected it with a trip to rural mexico and peru, and the realization that we all might have parasites!

I ordered the comlete Colonix package for us and the Paranil junior for our 3 kids (ages 5,7,9). We are travelling in Texas right now, and so wanted something easy. If we were home, I would have opted for a more do-it-yourself thing, but we just did not want to wait.

The first day was queasy, and I had a weird bowel movement with in 30 minutes. I attribute it to my brain power, as there is no way that stuff would work that fast! It just goes to show you how a strong mind could be a strong asset!

We have since been going through die-off symptoms... headaches and low energy, strange creepy crawely feelings, and weird gurgles. My husband has been intensely itchy in odd places. Sometimes I feel so energetic, like i am 20, and then I sink back in to low-energy mode. It's not what I anticipated, but it definately feels 'right'. Oh yeah, and did I mention I have been STINKY? Just since yesterday... whew!

My bowel movements were always regular, but i have seen an increase in size and material. I was frightened at the thought of what was in there at first, but now i am excited to look in and see what's happening... I have seen colored bits and flakes, psyllium strings and mucous, something that looked like a piece of liver (I don't eat meat!) and something I thought was a Tapeworm piece until I remembered I had eaten onions in stir-fry the night before. I now realize that I need to chew my food better! No obvious worms yet, but i am hopeful.

I have grown to like the taste of the fiber in O.J. every morning. The program seems to have reduced my craving for food, especially rich or sweet things. The tea is not pleasant to me (I don't like tea much) but my husband enjoys it.

The children like the taste of the Paranil Jr., but 2 say it bothers their stomach and they have been having slight headaches. I think it's becuase they have parasites! I am making sure they have their dailly movements, but I have not aactually looked at them. The older two are really in to their privacy right now and don't want me poking around! We were very frank about the isuue and they took it well... loved it in fact. They now yell 'time to worm the children' before their dose. The doses are taken 3 times a day for kids, so it might be hard to do this during the school year.

OK, sorry this is so long! Feel free to write with any questions... I am sleepy now so i might have left some fabulous point unmentioned!

Thanks again to all of you, and good luck!

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