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Re: Do you or did you live in these areas in "RED"? This is a USA map, hopefully there are other countries of maps showing this :)

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Do you or did you live in these areas in "RED"? This is a USA map, hopefully there are other countries of maps showing this :)

This is the link to frequent asked questions "right here"
This map shows the places where the infection of these MONSTERS are..The RED is where they have the outbreaks of infection.
They also have "GREAT" information.

Now I am really sad/mad..I am from MT and I lived there many years and I was "raised" in the red area.
Now wonder I have been so sick for so long.No wonder our family was "out of control with violence".You would think that the DR's are aware of this problem and to treat us. Then again there would be no money for the sorry crookes!

I also think that is why I haven't grown in the adult world. I feel I lost 40 some years of this non-sense.

I would and try. I went to teller training school (seattle), got my diploma, moved back to MT, no-one would hire me.
So back to waiting tables in MT..Got enough mmoney to get out and go back to Seattle..I went thru Real Estate got my license and worked for a few years.However; It didn't work out for me, I had to much fear. Then last but not least I went to Dental assisting school, got my diploma and now I don't want to work for a crook!

Now I am BACK in the red here in Florida. I just don't know what to do.I don't know "whom" I go to without costing so much money..Then to test your stool and retest..My goodness is that about 300 to 400 dollars for all that? I have been cleaning up myself since Jan this year and I can't seem to get to the bottom of this to heal..
Now I know "WHY". It is the infection. I am so mad all I can do is CRY, I talk to my son and he thinks I am a NUT..I know he has what I have..Plus his dad is also infected, he was a trapper and he would skin coyotes, one coyote was so rotton it fell apart. He wasn't going to let that stop him. 18 years later he came down with hepatitis C, he is okay now after treatment, however it is not cured. I now know he got the hep C from these dirty, dead coyotes. .I can't talk to either one about these MONSTERS.

I know I was infected and his dad when I gave birth to our son. So, I am wondering if I passed this infection to our son??? Since infection goes all thru the body and blood.

My son has had a hard time like I did.Trouble learning and angry most of the time, not being able to control his temper(like me back then), foggy brain, ect. He is in college now and struggling. I want to fix him, so he can have what he wants and needs in life and understand all of this. Instead of being a child in his 40's and not fitting in the adult world.
When he was about 6 weeks of age he was constapated(sp?) up for a few days..I was just nursing him, he had no food yet, then he has this awful rash on him. Drs didn't know what was up..Then the horrible ance he had at 15 to 17. The Drs cleared him up with acutain(sp?)
After reading and reading every site I can about all this.I came to a conclusion It wasn't ance(sp?), it was the BUGS and infection.
This really bothers me for he is my ONLY child and I want to fix and save him. I pray and pray so hard on this.
Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on this?
Prayers are needed
Thank you.
NOTE; I am not dwelling on this, I am just so darn mad/sad that this has to keep going and going and not just for me but for every soul on this earth. I am ready to take the DR's "ON" in the "red" areas..I would lose I know. I pitty those crooks.
Prayers and hugs

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