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All about cleansing parasites and worms
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Published: 16 years ago

All about cleansing parasites and worms

the above link is where I buy all my Hulda products for cleansing.
they are pure too

anywhoooo-----I have been doing two months of only Hulda's parasite and worm cleansings and before I did this I used inferior products. They didnt work because they did not address the four stages of parasites and so therefore, it all came back and along with it, raging candida to become food for the parasites and worms. (her products kills the eggs too--we dont need "just" Black-Walnut --dont ever let anyone kid you about this)

I have been on the three Hulda products from two other companies and I wont mention which ones because I might upset some people. saying that I will tell you that they did not work to the great percentage as Hulda's products-----they say they are but they are not her recipe. Her's are stronger and greener and I would never waste my money on counterfeits again. So there to all of those companies out there!!! will receive these products from the site above in only three days, that is outstanding delivery time--especially when you are sick.

So ---this has all been going on since April and I am still getting stuff out like worms :( !!! It has been an ongoing vigil.

I used inferior products in April---learning!!!-------still sick------used Hulda copies in July------learning!!!------still sick--------Hulda's true products in Nov-----getting well!!! I am finally seeing progress. In Sept started using Pomegranate etc that I talked about a lil later in this post. Helped me a great deal---but in order for those items to work, you have to get rid of the first layer which is parasites and worms

But for me there is more to all this than her Wormwood , cloves and blackwalnut for intense 18 days and then maintenance--then weekly program instead of daily. The problem being I still had crawling sensations and so I added L Cysteine---an amino acid---by taking it along with the 3 mentioned above----for 15 days---2 pills 2 x a day---I also learned to take "ozonated olive oil" with
L Cysteine is important but not critical. It delivers oxygen to your blood and gets the Ascaris in the brain---so I understand.
If you need the link e mail me

(it took me forever to figure this all out)

from what "heyjude" says, thanks to her, that the L Cysteine destroys the outside skin of the
Askaris and it dies and is expelled.

and now I am going to lay off of the parasite cleanses and do a lot of psyllium and benonite to clean out the 25? feet of intestines of dead toxic waste matter and I am on the kidney cleanse as it is probably also full of toxins. Then I will move on to the liver and get it detoxed and get those stones out too. I want my organs in tip top condition

I will continue to take the parasite cleanses at new and full moons, especially the full, 4 days before and 4 days after.

Well that is my story---maybe I helped someone with my rambeling

I want to take 3,000 mg of coQ10 but I dont want to do it until I know more about what it does to the heart and no one has told me about heart palpitations etc. But it gets rid of Tapeworms and I want to take it. It is 3,000 mg all at one time, not something you need to repeat.

Well thats my lil story. I was in pretty bad shape before this and that is something I don't ever want to repeat. I think I got all this from a water leak that caused mold to grow on everything in my house and ultimately in me and then came overgrowth of candida and parasites and worms---it was a welcome environment.

before that, I lived in Texas and we had two cats of which I am sure I got parasites from them initially. As I have said before, I am glad I don't have pets today---I love them too much---but they carry worms and parasites and for me to get better and get well, after all that money and time spent and the fear of dying from all the sickness I had, it was not worth it.

I also take pomegranate with 40% eligiac acid-- this is to heal the skin and works to enhance the immunity so you can fight off internal pathogens of destruction

Ionic copper and silver----silver is like an Antibiotic and very powerful and copper is to kill off worms in the head and body that other things cannot reach . These things hate minerals.

Candex is to get rid of candida and the cellulose that is the food for parasites and worms.

Oil of oregano is something that kills off the same

e mail me if you want this recipe with copper and silver, etc

If you start to detox or herx and begin feeling badly because the liver has become toxic from all this---do a liver detox--there are two. One is by taking maybe 9 lemons (if you know how to do this please post here) and making 8 glasses of water with that mix and drinking in a day and dont eat carbs at this time or greasy food at all. The other one Hulda addresses and it gets out stones. It is a good thing to do.

Another thing besides a toxic liver that goes on is that these worms and parasites that are dying off have vibrational energy and all the junk that is dying off, could be a lot depending on what you are taking to rid yourself or the full moon etc, you will receive this negative energy and it is an unpleasant feeling. I just went through this yesterday and it was not fun.
I was very depressed.

I just found out about this a few months ago.

(((((wave & a hug))))))) God bless all and happy new year

HAPPY CLEANSING-----to live a long time don't ever quit cleansing-----never, never, never!!!

foods for cleansing: radishes, sauerkraut, celery--eaten raw----lemons and grapefruits in season now---would you like to add any cleansing veggies----???? Waiting on some answers from questions asked in this post. Thanks to all.

p.s. I also use a zapper and it works good for me


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