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re cats

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Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine
Free S&H.Restore lost reserves.J.CROW’S®Lugol’s Iodine Solut...

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Published: 16 years ago
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re cats

It is nice that you have a cat for everyone to enjoy. But if you have a cat, especially indoors, you will always, always be fighting worms and parasites. You will become re infected forever. I have a friend that has had parasites and worms and it costs her so much money to rid herself of these, she put her cat to sleep. She said my health and the health of my family was much more precious than to have the family cat. I am glad I don't have any pets except birds. If I go to anyones house where they do have them, I don't want them around me. I see worms and parasites and not the cat.

Another option is to make he/she an outside cat. Sleeping with cats is the worst thing you can do if you sincerely want to rid yourself of parasites.

I am happy my daughters and their families do not have any cats. They are the worst for this sort of thing. I never, never had a problem with worms or parasites that I could feel on me and in me like I do now until I had cats---and I love them. I was around cats for two years before the time I got "wormie" sensations. I will never have another one. :(

Regarding these red things in your lungs:

I would just do the Hulda Clark 18 day regime
(I would take L Cysteine while doing this so as to get the Ascaris, just to be safe as you never know for sure unless you have a syncrometer to tell you what you have--unless you know what you are looking at :in the toilet bowl:

and then go on maintenance

keep cleaning out with psyllium and benonite
taking cascara sagrada while doing this
get that dead debris out of you

also if you dont get the debris out of you, it could be dangerous to other organs in your body.

then do the Hulda :kidney: cleanse

then do the coq10 :one time: treatment of 3000 mg for tapeworm

eat pineapple, fresh, they hate this
and pumpkin seeds, lots of them---and take mega vitamin c
make sure you are taking a liquid trace mineral

I am going to do all of this

I also know these critters use our bodies for a garbage dump as they excrete waste in us.

To prevent this ,I take ionic silver from and keep cleaning out all the time. I also failed to mention Hulda's colonic---I think this is the mop up program ?

and to rid myself of worms and parasites (they hate minerals and so since I am deficient this is probably why I have them or they like me) I take ionic copper from the same place.

so you see I am in an all out war here

I would not worry about the lungs and if I thought I had them in there that would distress me a lot and thats why I said that about your cat---it is too dangerous to your whole family.

But I would take copper to get them out of my body, I have even felt them crawling under my scalp, thats freaky

There is another product I just found out about and that is
AGRISEPT-L and it is for anyone who has candida, parasites, worms etc. Also good for losing weight. So do a search for that, I ordered some of that yesterday----I understand if you sit in a tub of warm water and soak with a few drops of this in it, critters will get off of you to get away from that. So you know it is powerful. Doctors and vets are buying it up like crazy

I think there is something wrong with our environment, for about 4 years. Many people are getting infestation of worms. It is my speculation upon researching and being a part of many posting boards that too many people have this worm problem. I think it is a mutation of Collembola and I feel this was planted here in our environment or our guys are bringing this back from the Middle East but we have it.

We have found, many of us on board that pomegranate with 40% eligiac acid in it works great for this along with copper and silver. We even give it to our pets.

We must always be alert to our bodies and their language and discount nothing as chance-----we can be healthy if we do the right thing at the right time.

I post all of this on the web only in hopes that someone will benefit from it. I also post my e mail address if anyone wants more direct help---because I want to help anyone who needs it.

If you start itching from parasites on you, you know the biting and stinging sensation---you know this is not normal-----well thats what I mean by Collembola and we are dealing with this on the skin parasites board------there are many new products coming out, recently :) (amazing huh---how come?) that have ingredients in them to combat skin parasites---the new dilemma and you will see in the near future segments of this on t.v. within 6 months, so be looking for our new plague.

Anyway, you can go to Walmart and purchase for just over $1 a product called Landers Raspberry bubble bath. Priced so everyone can afford it. Start looking at ingredients that have pomegranate in them, and Vicks , there are sulfaric properties too. These products repel parasites and these companies read what we have to say as we have all done the research on ingredients-----we tested them on ourselves. I feel that there will be these ingredients in all products in the near future. So someone is doing something :)

Well enough rambeling about all of this. I wish all of you a good day.


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