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A guide: which enzyme supplement does what for you
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Published: 15 years ago

A guide: which enzyme supplement does what for you

Digestive enzymes are enzymes that break down food into usable material. They also have a repuation for cleaning out toxins from the gut.

There are many brands out there. All of the list below are definitely not necessary in order to gain benefits from enzymes, but if you know you don't digest a certain group of foods well, try to find a product that has the specific enzyme from this list that works on that type of food.

The major different types of digestive enzymes are:
1. Amylase - breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars
a. lactase - breaks down lactose (milk sugars)
b. diastase - digests vegtable starch
c. sucrase - digests complex sugars and starches
d. maltase - digests disaccharides to mono saccharides (malt sugars)
e. invertase - breaks down sucrose (table sugar)
f. glucoamylase - breaks down starch to glucose
g. alpha glactosidase - facilitates digestion of beans, legumes, seeds,
roots, soy products, and underground stems

2. Protease - breaks down proteins that are found in meats, nuts, eggs,
and cheese.
a. pepsin - breaks down proteins into peptides
b. peptidase - breaks down small peptide proteins to amino acids
c. trypsin - derived from animal pancreas, breaks down proteins
d. alpha – chymotrypsin – an animal derived enzyme, breaks down proteins
e. bromelain – derived from pineapple, breaks down a broad-spectrum of
proteins and also has anti-inflammatory properties, very wide effective pH
f. papain - derived from raw papaya, broad range of substrates, works well
breaking down small and large proteins

3. Lipase - breaks down fats

4. Cellulase - breaks down cellulose, plant fiber. Not found in the humans.

5. Other Stuff
Betaine HCL – increases the hydrochloric acid content of the upper digestive
system; activates the protein digesting enzyme pepsin in the stomach
CereCalase™ - a brand, blend of phytase, hemicellulase, and beta-glucanase
Endoprotease – cleaves peptide bonds from the interior of peptide chains
Exoprotease – cleaves off amino acids from the ends of peptide chains
Extract of Ox Bile – an animal derived enzyme, stimulates the intestine to
Lysozyme - an animal derived enzyme, attacks bacteria and viruses
Papayotin – from papaya
Pancreatin – an animal derived enzyme, breaks down protein and fats
Pancrelipase - an animal derived enzyme, breaks down protein, fats, and
Pectinase – breaks down the pectin in fruit
Phytase - digests phytic acid, allows minerals such as calcium, zinc,
copper, manganese, etc. to be more available by the body, does not break
down any food proteins
Xylanase – breaks down xylan sugars, works well with grains such as corn


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