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Re: 22 Days on P&B and still not much happening!

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Hulda Clark Cleanses

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...


New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: 22 Days on P&B and still not much happening!

This is taken from Dr. Jensen book.

I will post the information from Dr Gray book later...(If I find it)
Good Luck


The following ingredients are used in the treatment for specific reasons. So that you may more fully appreciate the usefulness of these items, a brief explanation of their properties is included.


a-The difference between alfalfa tablets, Green Life and Sun Chlorella is that alfalfa has all the fiber material left it it from the stems and fiber structure of the leaves. These act as a bulk and a material for a ballooned or weakened bowel to work against the tone of the tissues of the bowel. This also allows a faster transit time for the bowel. This is one of the supplements I use for practically every patient who needs to overcome bowel disturbances. Alfalfa offers the proper bulk, but sometimes produces more gas as we stir up this lazy bowel to act, and, for this reason, we use a couple of digestive enzymes to get rid of the gas.

Apple Juic

e-Very good for the bowel because it is high in pectin, which is a moisture-holding substance.

Apple Cider Vinega

r-Very high in potassium and is good to relieve any mucus or ca-tarrhal conditions. It helps provide needed nutrients to muscle tissue.

Beet Tablet

s-A slight laxative that works well with the liver, promoting the cleansing of that organ..75


clay suspended in water. It is very useful in absorbing toxic substances. It can absorb 40 times its own weight in toxic substances. It acts like a sponge, mopping up undesirable debris.

Mucilaginous Bul

k-This material holds moisture well and attaches itself to the mucus lining making it soft and loose so it will move away from the bowel wall. This is a very important ingredient to the success of the treatment.

Cod Liver Oi

l-Provides lubrication and helps work with the liver in cleansing. It provides vitamins A and D which are needed for good elimination.


e-Stimulates peristaltic action in the bowel-driving down feces and stimulating bile production in the liver.


e-Quickensthethyroid gland and speeds upthe metabolism while bringing heat to the body causing the blood to circulate deeper.

Spring Green and Green Life Tablet

s-Brand names for very potent biogenic plant sub-stances. They provide rich sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in the cleansing process. We believe that Green Life is the finest supplements to be used with this colema pro-gram; however, if it is not available, you may use Sun Chlorella, in the same amount. Be sure to crush the tablets into powder form before taking.


d-Excellent bulk maker, and in extreme cases of ulcerated colitis, provides a soothing and healing tea to be put into the colema water. It also is a bowel lubricant. For one of the colema solutions to be used when any serious cases are confronted, such as colitis, always use flaxseed tea. You can also add a teaspoon or more of liquid chlorophyll to this flaxseed tea for the colema water. This can be taken by mouth as well. When taken orally, use one cup tea and one teaspoon liquid chlorophyll three times a day. This can be used in cases of extreme gas, spastic conditions, colitis, etc.

Liquid Chlorophyl

l-Very wonderful for the bowel. It is soothing and reduces inflamma-tion, swelling and pain. It disinfects and cleanses.


n-Produces hot, red flush and is used to push the blood deep into underactive tis-sues so that we can strengthen them with vital nutritents.


is the one thing that helps most to bring down the mucus lining. It is a powerful digestant substance and loosens the lining. Mr. Irons produces most of these products and they are very good. Nature’s Sunshine is also producing similar products. Please inquire for a very good all-around vitamin which is chemically balanced for both the adult and children. I have had many requests from strict vegetarians about the use of the animal products in this treatment. Specifically, the Pancreatin and Cod Liver Oil. For those so concerned, I wish it were possible to recommend substitutes that are as effective as these. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any at this time. It is particularly important to use the Pancreatin as it has the unique ability to dissolve and digest the heavy mucus encrustation that causes so much of the bowel troubles. Vitamin A is not readily available in a natural form other than cod liver oil. There are syn-thetic forms available, but I do not recommend their use. Vegetarian A is usually a pro-vitamin A and of low potency..76 I feel that the benefits of this treatment outweight the use of the animal products for the brief period that they are employed. Once the bowel is reestablished into a healthier condition, then use of these substances can be discontinued. Betaine HCL and herbal digestants have not given good results and are not recom-mended as viable substitutes for Pancreatin. Papaya tea or extract help. Huckleberry tea or extract may also be a substitute. We have not tried these and therefore cannot report on the effectiveness of them. If you suffer from an allergic reaction to any particular ingredient, then omit it from the program until it may be tolerated at a later time.




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