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A prayer for Iraq
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Published: 20 years ago
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A prayer for Iraq

By John Kaminski

If the out-of-control United States war machine wins its "war" against the hapless population of Iraq, it signals a new era of war without end, war without reason as one imagined enemy country after another becomes scheduled for high-tech demolition and poisoning until the real possibility of doomsday becomes reality.

Only if Iraq manages to somehow survive this vicious extermination of innocent bystanders by preprogrammed killers from the U.S. and Britain does the rest of the world stand a chance of neutralizing this insane Fourth Reich of George W. Bush and the petroleum-soaked Zionist psychos who manipulate him and seek to set the world on fire.

As American forces prepare to use fentanyl-based chemical weapons and supersecret tritium nuclear bombs in order to anesthetize and obliterate the five million citizens of Iraq's formerly beautiful capital, people around the world (though not in the U.S.) are witnessing TV screens bathed in the bomb-blasted blood of infants and froth-mouthed American soldiers expectorating phrases they heard in Sylvester Stallone movies as they spray bullets into peasants begging for their lives.

All around the world, people are waking up to the dreadful American apparation of a new black dawn from which no one can escape.

The battle for Baghdad is the battle for the world.

The irony is lost on most Americans, who go about their business as if there were some particularly vexatious storm tormenting another part of the planet that doesn't affect them, but isn't it a shame that some nameless Americans lose their lives and come home in boxes to pre-recruited cheerleaders and prepackaged honors.

Isolated from the real horrors of American troops deliberately gunning down children by a malignantly manipulated media that clearly proves Freedom of the Press is long gone in the U.S., America's citizens wallow up to their elbows in blood, and cheer and pray for the man who gave the orders to start killing.

And nowhere, except perhaps in the minds of maniacs preparing a manipulated script for our future consumption, are found weapons of mass destruction or connections to the horror in New York City among the victims of the missiles fired from far oceans. Nowhere is found the reason for this bloodletting.

But this pretense is conveniently forgotten in the breathless homilies to strategic slaughter as babies continue to be blasted and U.S. TV news whores chatter on about humanitarian aid.

Some people — but nowhere nearly enough — are waking up to the deadly fact that the world that is presented to us by schools and media is not really the world that exists, where power without conscience trumps all other human motives in all situations.

Both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein got their starts as operatives of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, were funded and nurtured by America in ways of killing designated adversaries. Who knows to this day if both are not still connected to the evil process that creates enemies in order to destroy them, and thereby benefits the makers of weapons upon whose profits all economies rely.

Gandhi is a myth who had no effect on the politics of his day. Long after his murder, he is used as a convenient ikon to keep the masses passive. Martin Luther King, America's greatest political philosopher, was gunned down by U.S. Army intelligence operatives. Later, a day was named as his holiday to further the ruse that America is a nation with a conscience that cares for all people.

I suspect Jesus was a construct of similar utility, carved out of Roman propaganda to convince the citizenry to turn the other cheek while the favored aristocracy cleaned out their pockets.

Now the addled apostles of Christianity wail their hosannahs to military might and pray for the end so they may be a rescued in the arms of their bloodthirsty savior, just like they did in those nearby desert towns all those long years ago.

The end is in sight, too terrible to contemplate but too close to ignore.

Those who want to provoke it are in charge and achieving their objective. The little girl, dressed in her finery with a gaping red hole in her chest, is proof positive of God's most terrible legacy. For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory. To blow up as He will.

If America wins, then all hope is gone. If Iraq should somehow escape its likely fate, at least a glimmer of hope remains that the heartless American superstate can somehow be deflected from its murderous path to world dominance.

If America wins this, and continues to advance its colonial plans throughout the Muslim world and further, it will only be a matter of time before the beast turns its destructive fury inward and does to American peasants — who are after all just another market to be targeted — what it has so effectively practiced on everybody else.

Pray for Iraq, my friends. Only Iraq can save us, at this point. If America wins this, we all will lose bigtime.

And if this wish is not to be, then this is our world's epitaph: Ruthless power unopposed will kill everything in its path until there is nothing left to kill.

There will come a time when each of you will have to stand and fight or give up the ghost. A brief history of the late 20th century shows us clearly that each new fabricated atrocity is never rectified, and that each new affront to our common sense and human decency gets bigger in scope. It would be so much easier to oppose this blossoming tyranny now than it will be later.

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