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USA Steals Iraq’s Assets (gotta love them Ruskies!)
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Published: 20 years ago
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USA Steals Iraq’s Assets (gotta love them Ruskies!)

USA Steals Iraq’s Assets

The Bush administration and its allies have added thievery to its growing list of criminal actions after three days of terrorist and murderous activities in Iraq have left hundreds of civilians injured and at least five dead. These are war crimes. Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Hoon and their administrations are terrorists, murderers and war criminals.

Washington has stolen 1,740,000,000 USD of Iraqi assets held in the United States of America in 18 banks, claiming that it will be sued for the reconstruction of Iraq after the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime. In a further action of blatant arrogance, Washington asked the international community to close Iraqi embassies and to expel its diplomats, a move which was met with a humiliating and resounding No, almost without exception.

Washington claims that none of the ambassadors appointed by the Ba’ath regime of Saddam Hussein will be allowed to perform their duties by the new government of Iraq (which it has already carefully chosen).

Washington has no right under international law to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state. Like the colonial powers which created the hotspots in the world today by drawing lines on maps with the philosophy “This is ours and that is yours”, the many straight lines visible in any Atlas bearing witness to this, Washington intends to install a western-style government in a geographical area in which this model is alien. One has only to look at all the other countries in the region.

Freedom and democracy, as usual, are the flags waved by the USA, a country in which the media is far from free, a country which practices censorship, which uses blackmail in its international diplomacy, treating the UN Security Council with overbearing despotism and now, on top of this, Washington commits acts of terrorism, murdering innocent Iraqi civilians in an illegal war.

Difficult times lie ahead. Washington and London wrongly imagine that the rest of the world will soon forgive and forget this war once the economy takes up again. This will not happen, since the anti-war movements are all connected, determined and are pooling resources. The world is uniting against a new wave of tyranny, the world reacts against a new evil.

This act of terrorism, these acts of murder, are the beginning of the end for the Bush and Blair governments. No administration has the right to flout international law, disregard the United Nations, attack a sovereign state, remove its government and install a puppet regime so that its resources can be stolen.

George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon are hereby notified that they are guilty of acts of murder in Iraq and will be accordingly prosecuted under the norms of international law, the terms of which they chose to break.

These anachronisms are a block to the progress of humankind and will pay the price of all those before them who misjudged the moment, went too far and paid the price as the heavy hand of History has so often proved.


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