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Re: H202 tips

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: H202 tips

I quite agree with you on the fact that if you smoke or drink or eat a lot of sugars, you better start by getting rid of such health suicidal habits.
However, if one speaks now about ageing and general health detoriation even if you have the best diet, I am convinced that besides the best diet you have to take suplements lifelong.
There are the vitamins-antioxydants which I am now for 5 years dependant of.
Oxygen and H202 are very important in this respect because there are a lot of evidence that except if we are a sportive person living near an unpolluted sea-side, we are missing a lot. I think you have to follow oxygen therapies lifelong as well if you want to improve your lifespan.
For example Mr Jacquier who invented a breather wereby you inhale three time a day peroxydes caused by ozone is a very healthy and alert man at 93. He uses his breather (which is equivalent to taking H202 ) for 30 years now. There is also evidence that a 0.1 % H202 drinking water given two year to mices increase their survival rate by 20%. Coenzyme Q10 which works like H202 also increase the lifespan of mices.
It is true that we will become dependant of it but if it is to live a healthier and longer life, why not especially when it is as cheap as H202.

I am therefore not convinced that H202 suplementing must be stopped after two weeks. However when the disease symptoms have receded after passing at the top of 25 drops (if needed) perhaps one to five drops three time a day should be a good option for a lifelong program.

To come back to the dosage, it seems following the protocol I have seen that you have to use 5 drops of 30% H202 grade in 8 oz of water three time a day (one hour before and three hours after meals) But, watch out to the additives you may find in your 3% H202.
I have personnaly bought H202 at the pharmacy (they have a 30% grade with harmless additives) but I have ask a reduction at 10% grade because as I suffered from irritable bowel syndrom I had to start at low concentration. I am now at 30 drops of 10%grade equivalent to about 10 drops of 30% grade.
I have felt (starting with 5 drops at 10%) the effect of H202 after two days. In my case I have got a spectacular improvement of my ailments after less than a week.
In any case judging from the extraordinary efficiency of H202 on toxic, parasitic and infectious load of the body, it make sense to start at low doses.

I understand however in more severe cases that the die-off phenomenas is quite long and if you dont adjust the dosage accordingly to the effective die-off, you feel worse before going better (see TIM postings at the beginning of the forum)

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