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Sharing instructions on how to make your own Ozone air purifer...

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Published: 19 years ago

Sharing instructions on how to make your own Ozone air purifer...

Hello. :) I bought these instructions on how to make your own Ozone air purifer and thought I would share them with everyone that might like to make one. I've seen the ones on tv for $500 and thought this sounded ever so much cheaper...:) If you cannot find the transformer locally I just looked on ebay and they had 30 listed and many of them were very cheap--below $10. Also for anyone looking for a ozonator a fellow is selling Hulda Clark 's model for ozonating water and olive oil that she sells for $219 at a buy it now price of $139. Here is the url for that
I'd love to have it but can't do it at this time so thought I would share in case someone else would like to buy it. :) are the instructions...

I hope you enjoy this wonderful device as much as my family has, It is very simple to build and and the only thing I have ever had to do is change the aluminum foil liner from time to time. (maybe 3 times in two years- it's up to you how often).
How was it invented?
This invention was discovered while trying to make a large high voltage capacitor. It was noticed that you could smell ozone when it was running. Later it was adapted to combat odors. Over the years many people have adapted it and made various changes and improvements. Feel free to tinker with it in any way you like.
A word of Caution:
If built according to the following directions this device is safe for normal use but I will not be held responsible for ANY accidents or mis-use or ANY problems that arise from it's use or misuse ..well you get the idea. I just want everyone to be able to enjoy this device and use it safely. Be VERY careful around children, remember you are building and dealing with a high power electric device.
Now on to the fun part.
This is a very simple set up that almost anyone can put together shortly after getting the parts. It works as well as the expensive units costing $500 or more but it costs only about $20 to make.

Step By Step Instructions.
First you need to gather the following items.
Item #1. A transformer from a neon sign or similar transformer at about 6000v ( The transformer can be as small as 3000v. You can use up to 15000v) A sign repair shop is an excellent source for these, Ask them if they have any old signs that they don't use or need that has a working transformer. ** Note: A good source for the transformer is a shop that repairs or installs neon signs. You can usually pick up a used one for next to nothing, I paid $10.00 for the last one (made by Poly-Loc).
Item #2. A small glass jar and a larger jar that will hold the smaller one. ( I used two pickle jars. one inside the other).The larger jar can be glass or plastic, the smaller one needs to be glass. ( Both of mine are glass).
Item # 4. You need a small amount of aluminum foil. (Enough to cover the bottom half of a jar- inside and out.)
Item # 5. A short extension cord. (you will need to cut one end off so you can hook the Positive and Neg. wires to the transformer. You'll have to figure out + or -
DO NOT cut the end that pulgs into the wall outlet or you won't be able to plug it in when you are finished.
ok, Let's Build it.
1.) First line the inside bottom half of the small jar with a piece of aluminum foil.
2.) Next cover the outside bottom half of the small jar with foil so that it covers the same area as the foil inside. Make sure the inner and outer foil layers do not touch or come too close to each other at the top of the jar. The glass will insulate them from each other but they could still touch at the top opening of the jars if you use too much foil.
3.) Next, place the smaller jar inside the larger one. (The larger Jar just insulates the smaller jar and serves no other purpous.)
4.) Next, Connect the "cut off" extension cord ends to the positive and negitive on the transformer.
Connect one high voltage lead to the foil inside the smaller jar and the other lead to the foil outside the smaller jar.. A paper clip will work for the connector but I suggest Aligator Clips. (I bought mine from Radio Shack for around $1.00).
5.) Connect both ends of the cut off extension cord to the Transformer.
Once again, The larger jar just insulates the whole thing. Put the whole set up on a piece of wood or some kind of insulator. Do not to cross the wires. The bare part of the wire must touch the foil to make the connection or it will not work. (I have set mine up on a wooden cutting board so I can move it around the house easily.) If you want to make it look pretty or add a fan you could build an enclosure for the entire setup, Just remember to leave the top open so the Ozone can escape.
Now you can plug it in the transformer :)
Plug it in and turn it on (if it has an on/off switch).
You will hear a crackling noise and if its dark you'll see a blue or greenish blue glow around the foil inside the smaller jar. If there's a short you may see an arc, just turn it off and separate the conductors so that they don't short out. A short will have more of a red or orange glow. The ozone will come out the top so don't plug it up or cover the tops of the open jars. Ozone is a very powerful deodorizer it also tends to kill mold and bacteria but will not harm your plants in small amounts. Try not to breath a lot of it. Its not supposed to be dangerous in small amounts but is an irritant. Run it in the morning on a timer when you go to work (about Two hours per day is enough but that will depend on your odor problem).
I also use mine while I am home but I don't like to stay in the same room where it is running.
I hope you enjoy this project! Your friends will think you are a genius when they see it working.
PLEASE read this entire document before e-mailing me with questions, I do not have any information on the amount per min./hour/ etc. as far as the amount of OZONE produced by this device or power consumption and there is no way to provide that information beause each device could be built using various sized transformers.
If you have a way of testing it please forward that information to me.
Thank you and may God Richly Bless you and your family!

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