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Depression, Seratonin & Colon Health

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Published: 18 years ago
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Depression, Seratonin & Colon Health

Hi J!

No, I haven't forgotten about you...but it is going to taking me a bit of time to put a response together. The simple answer is that I am unaware of any particular references to direct you to about the relationship of colon health and depression...I am currently in the process of researching this and have my own theory...that I have seen bare out time and again...that a clean, well-functioning digestive system and colon results in more efficient serotonin production and utilization...and hence less depression. It is a known fact that the vast majority (one reference I located sited 90%) of the bodies serotonin is found in the gut...which is also loaded with serotonin receptor sites. It is also known that the beneficial bacteria in the colon are responsible for manufacturing some of the B vitamins...and that B vitamins are necessary for the body to convert the amino acid tryptophan into the neurotransmitter serotonin. Furthermore, a toxic colon is unable to support a healthy supply of beneficial bacteria...which are also stripped from the body by Antibiotic use. Sorry if this is difficult to I said, it is in rough form and a work in progress...but if you put the pieces together you can see how there is definitely a relationship between Depression and digestive functioning. There is much more to my a psychologist and colon hydrotherapist I work both 'ends'...and find this topic most fascinating. I will continue to post more information as my own research progresses.

In the and your friends should all begin a complete detoxification program...beginning with colon cleansing...cleansing the liver is also essential. Also make any necessary diet and lifestyle changes...include a good quality B-complex, fish oils that are high in EFAs (see for more info about Depression and fish oils, omega 3s), and also probiotics after colon cleansing...and incorporate some form of stress management in your daily routine...remember that stress depletes your reserves of B vitamins! Natural means of treating Depression include 5HTP, St. John's wort, valerian, kava, etc....but remember that these treat the symptoms in the same way that pharaceuticals do...ultimately you want to address the source of the problem.

*Very important...I do not recommend that you or your friends abruptly discontinue your medication...this can result in serious rebound depression as well as some very uncomfortable 'withdrawal' symptoms. My recommendation is always to very, very gradually...over a few months!...taper yourself off of these medications so that your body can slowly adjust. Also, there are circumstances in which pharmaceutical intervention is the most appropriate course of action...natural methods of addressing depression take time and are more suitable for mild to moderate depression. Depression can be a life-threatening illness...and may require more drastic and invasive treatments.

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