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Re: Nephillum????
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Nephillum????


I knew I could count on you. I have the gift of seeing peoples spirit when they think they are hiding it, but in your case it's just hanging out there in the breeze for all with eyes to see. Anyway, Water baptism, that was first offered by John was highly symbolic. It is not a baptism of The Spirit. That is a greater baptism.

Water baptism is a cleansing of past sins. In fact it is an entrance into the Abrahamic Covenant. For a man to request a water baptism is to acknowledge the law of God, for he recognizes the sinful state that he exists in. Water baptism does not cleanse a man of his future sin by the dirty water principal. One cannot be cleansed with dirty water. The one baptizing must be cleansed to, {at a minimum} the level of cleanliness that he offers. One who baptizes, does so with the authority of God. Those baptized by say, Hitler would not be in good standing with God and therefore remain filthy in the flesh, never having been cleansed. It is the same for those baptized by women. They do not have the authority of God, for they have been commissioned to give physical birth. It is the Man who is commissioned to give spiritual birth. {Sorry ladies} For man is the glory of God, and women are the glory of men.

However hear the wisdom of God. Anyone who requests a water baptism in the name of God is saved. They are guaranteed a citizenship in The Kingdom of God on Earth. This is the kingdom we pray for in the Lord's prayer. Any of the children of God, including those outside the faith are insured a place in the Kingdom of God on Earth, if they pursue a personal relationship with their Creator. The kingdom of Heaven is a place for the sons of God. It is a place for spirit beings. It is a place that we will all enter when we have overcome, For it is the will of The Father that none should perish. The stubborn and foolish children will be resurrected to condemnation, however it is not a permanent punishment.

The Kingdom of God on Earth will be an Age where Satan has no authority. Where all peoples will love The Christ, their Father, who died that they may live.

When one is water baptized, a man is effectively asking God to forgive his past sin, and asking to be accepted into God's family. He is acknowledging God's law as righteous, and displaying the faith of Abraham. It is Abraham that becomes the father of the one requesting the baptism. Baptism is the spiritual equivalent of the physical genetic system,m for both lead to life. There are millions that think they are born again, when in fact they are only water baptized. To be born again, one must be chosen by God. To be Spirit sanctified, which is born again, is to be ensured a seat in the kingdom of Heaven. Therefore an associated angelic soul awaits this one, upon his death Thus new things have come into existance. I have been told by someone far greater than me, that I have been born again. In fact I have been told that I am Nethinim. And you know what??? I believe him. Not because I want to, I was frightened in fact, rather because he showed me his work, and I can find nothing of any consequence wrong with it. By The Way, it's been about five years now, that I have been trying to hang him up. It's a lot of work. I was not immersed in water, I was immersed in The Spirit. I'm feeling much better now.

Thanks for being you. Christian love, Mr. Steve

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