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Re: Nephillum????
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Nephillum????

Hey Beej,

I have been deliberately in your faces for a purpose. The Idea is to make you see yourselves. Our thinking proccesses have been systematically altered, from generation to generation. Coddling doesn't work. In fact it does the opposite, it makes Christian crybabies out of men and women. The Bible says that the whole world is deceived. That means all of us. Take a look at yourselves. It's now in writing.

Eileen feels that I am a know it all. You find that I am incorrect in my Biblical analysis, or at the very least you want me to be. My conviction is resented. I have given you reasonable explanations to counter every one of your scriptural references and as of yet there has been no offer of agreement on a single point. Not a single valid argument to dispute that which I have offered. Rather than reproving as right or wrong, that which I have offered, I am catagorized as the condescending know it all. You have therefore learned nothing!!! You're the teacher. So teach. Eileen is the student, but of a different teacher. The sheep recognize the voice of their shepherd. The true task is of course to test that shepherd so as to be certain that he is not the wolf.

The offering I bring you is of God. It is God's Truth that insults your teachers, not mine. I only suggested for you to share your minds with me, as opposed to inciting Scripture as a retort. That's an old Church trick. You know, it's alright if you don't have the answers, the important thing is that the sheep don't know that you don't know. Just throw some relevant Scriptures at them and let the matter drop.

You see it really comes down to carnal Man, where two or more spirits come together, and a contest of sorts occurs. It is a matter of the flesh. It must be decided who is the dominant spirit, at least that is what we are being deceived into repeating over and over and over again. With Christian children of God, it was never intended to be like this at all. We are instructed to help our brothers and sisters, and to be prepared to be able to recognize God's truth when their prayers for increased knowledge are answered.

In our case, I can plainly see that my understanding is superior to yours, in much the same way that a parent observes his teenage child. To substitute an older sibling with the parent, for the sake of your feelings, would compromise the symbolism, though ultimately end up at the same point, even though an older sibling will inevitably have more success than will the parent. Anyway, the parent tries to convince the child that he/she knows what's best. The all knowing teenager cannot be convinced of course, and ultimately must pay the price personally, which in this case, lends itself to ones continued ignorance that is supported by pride. If your feelings are hurt, I assure you that you hurt them, not I. Nor is it my intention that your feelings should be hurt. No one can offend a true Christian child. One can only offend themselves. The child of God forgives people of their ignorance because they know themselves to be ignorant as well.

In any event, where is it that we stand??? are we divided??? shall we simply call each other names and then go our merry way??? On Memorial day weekend I came across brothers and sisters that had interest in God's Truth. I chose to expound in the hope that your knowledge may increase, rather than to follow after the carnal man that calls on me. Shame on me for making the right decision.

The Churches of today are the teenagers who refuse to abide by the warning of their parent in Heaven. They exercise their self imposed authority at their own peril. They are the babysitters of their infant siblings while Mom and Dad are away. Of course they will be caught unawares when the folks get home and they will be stripped of that authority, and punished for their disregard for the authority that the parents rightfully have. In fact there will be hell to pay, for those that would distort God's Word, and steal His Glory.

This is the evil equivalent of what occurs in Heaven, where there is an order, and respect for that order. Here, we try and steal our positions of authority, rather than to recognize the authority before us.

I seem to be doing all the talking on this forum. I am willing to learn, but it seems that there is no one willing to teach. I have confined my offering to areas on this forum that have attempted to delve deeper into the Truth. I merely go where the Spirit moves me. If there are those that cannot navigate themselves to the archives, then let the loss be theirs. Let them sooth their itching ears amongst themselves, for just as we are to KEEP ON SEEKING, those who do not, will have not. Perfect justice from a perfect God.

For those of you that walk away from God's Truth, let this be your sign of Jonah.
The U.N is the eighth and final beast of the Age. There are four manifestations of it's existance. They are about to evolve into the third stage which will be the image of the beast. The ten kings of Revlation, will be the ten permanent security council members. The sitting five will give up their veto power, partially, if not completely. The current attempt at the date is July 5th/6th of this year. The event is the prophecy. The date is a calculation that is Biblically derivative, and subject to flaw.

Hey, I love you guys for trying.
Christian love, Mr. Steve


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