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Re: Nephillum????
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Nephillum????

To the dear children of God,

If I may continue. The second of the twofold punishments on Adam was that he must work from the sweat of his brow to gain his sustenance. So we have the curse of death, and the curse of the ground placed on Adam.then we have the twofold punishment on the firstborn son, Cain. He was banished from the ground, which is to say what??? No, he wasn't a floater. He was forbidden to live before the face of God. Which was what??? He was forbidden to live among the children of God, not that there were many at that time. In fact there were three, mom, pop, and the banana head himself, as Abel was dead, and Seth was not brought forth yet.

The second part of his punishment verifies my previous statement.
He was to be a fugitive in the land. The land that would produce nothing to him. His punishment was indeed harsh. So harsh in fact that he whined like a little school girl. He felt that his punishment was too great to bear, for he states that any in the land that find me will kill me,{sounds like nethinim to me} besides which, what is a farmer to do if the sweat of his brow brings him nothing to eat at all. This would reduce him to a begger to the inferior beings that were taking up residence in the previous Age that his family had been cast into, due to the sin of his father.

So you see that one must look with eyes that see to understand the language of the Lord. For look!!! Cain was a farmer and he offered up his finest crap,{pardon me I mean crop} to God. Ask yourself this question. Where did the crop come from??? {I can't stand it, let me say} It was from the cursed ground, wasn't it? Cain offered up the very punishment of his father to the God who exacted that punishment. So Beej, was his punishment too severe??? was his punishment anything less than perfect justice, from a perfect God.

It seems fitting that the timing of the revelation of this hidden fruit should come on Memorial day weekend, don't you think???

I realize that this thread has exposed yet another enormous secret. a sacred secret that there were homosapians living in the world before the time of Adam's creation. However let us get a grasp on what we have learned thus far, or more importantly what we have unlearned, that we may repair our minds from the damage that has been done Tag your it

Incidentally, to incite scripture without reason is what the dead do, so whaddaya say we leave that to them.

Are there no other voices from the children of God out there????

Christian love to you all none the less
Mr. Steve

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