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Re: Nephillum????
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Nephillum????

Hey Beej,

Glad you could make it. So tell me how it is that an inferior gene pool can mix with a superior gene pool, and create a superior gene pool still??? Also Cain was first from Adam, so his genetic make up was equal to that of his brother's. The Scripture states that the Nephilim were in the Earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God took the daughters of men to be their wives, and had children by them.

I'm sorry to inform you that your Church has been misled, and consequently, they misled you. Furthermore, Cain's punishment, for the murder of his brother, was twofold, and interestingly in line with the punishment{s} for the transgression{s} in the garden of Eden. I realize that you have been taught that Adam procreated to the extent that there came to be many generations, but this is a false teaching as the Scriptures make it abundantly clear that Seth was created to replace Able. So all three sons that are mentioned are indeed the first three males to come into existance through the procreation of Adam and Eve. In fact Seth was brought forth to carry on the lineage of the children of God. Cain never did repent, as the Scriptures will verify.

Consider the twofold punishment on Adam for a moment. Firstly he must suffer death. He was evicted from the garden and therefore prevented from partaking from the tree of life. Our Lord is stating that he has lost the ability to pass on spiritual life, as he clearly passed on physical life for much of his 930 year long stay in the world in which he was cast. It is in the same way that Adam was allowed to exist as a living soul, that our Lord provided a pathway, through the process of redemption, to spiritual life through the coming Christ. The Christ effectively replaces our spiritual father, Adam. It was the crucification that sealed the deal, at which point Michael was elevated to the superior position of God, being one with the Father who sent Him.

What did Thomas say, after having been given his proof??? "My Lord and my God". So the question I pose to you is what is the difference between Lord and God??? The trinity doctrine is of the devil. The Father is the Creator. The Son is the chosen son out of all the sons to represent The Father, to His Creation. Thus the title The "Word of God". The Holy Spirit is the body of Holy angels that remained loyal to the Father at the time of the original sin. The uprising of Lucifer was so effective, as to draw one third of the body of angels away from God, because he was the most wise, and beautiful of all the angels. In fact he was the first born of creation, who lost his birthright to Michael, who was next in line. Again, this is why Seth was brought forth. It was to fulfill God's righteousness. You are aware that every single first born son of every single patriarch, lost his birthright to a more deserving son, right??? Why do you suppose our Lord keep repeatedly hitting us on the noggins??? It is because we are easily deceived fools.

I was hoping to ease into the deeper truths, in order to give everyone time to recover from the knowledge they will most assuredly gain, when confronted with God's glorious Truth. It seems that most simply overload as they rationalize the consequences, and shear magnitude of the deception, and by whom. But we here in the forum are all in the big leagues, right??? We can surly recognize God's Truth when it presents itself, Right??? So what if all save one, are false Churchs, after all there can only be one true Church!!!

Eileen!!! do not allow Satan to deceive you into increasing your fear, for the children of God live in the promise that Satan has no power over their spirits. Yes your physical souls can be destroyed, but not your spiritual soul. That is safe if you just have faith in the promise. We have more power over our spirits than does Satan. Confront him and love him, for he too will be saved.

God's blessings to you all
Christian love, Mr. Steve

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