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Re: Nephillum????
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Nephillum????

To the children of God,

I must have frightened Eileen away. This saddens me, however the time is very short, and the hour is at hand for the Truth to be revealed. It takes courage to see the Truth, for to see the Truth is to see the true reflection of ones spirit. It is to see ourselves as God sees us. For the record, it's usually embarrassing, and always humiliating.

While it is true that the Nephilim were giants born of angelic fathers, it is equally true that The Word was a created angel. In fact He was the Arch angel Michael, who entered into Jesus at His Baptism. He is of course an angel no longer, but our God, as he has accomplished His Father's requiremennt, in order that the curse of spiritual death be lifted from Adam. Jesus was the Father's unblemished sacrificial lamb, whereas Michael was the unblemished spiritual lamb. So you see, when Jesus died on the torture stake, a New Master Covenant was sealed. Up until that time there was just the promise of The Father, to The Son, that He should give spiritual life to the sons and daughters of Adam.

With this in mind, have a look at Proverbs 8. You will see that the Word is the narrator and that the narrator is female.

Also go back to the first chapter in Hebrews, and read it again for the first time. Listen to what the God of your creation has to say about the God of your Salvation.
It has all been there right in front of us all along. But we were deceived by the devil.

In the garden of Eden, the fruit of the tree of knowledge was forbidden, in order that Adam stay alive. Outside the garden, the Holy Bible is that tree, and it is being requested that we partake of that fruit in order that we may live again. Pretty cool huh??? The portion of hidden truth that I have been given thus far is all just like that. It's remarkable in every way, it is MOST COOL.

The trouble though, you see, is that the serpent is in that tree of knowledge. I have found out the secret way to evict that serpent, so as to minimize the damage that he causes to one's understanding. This is why we study the Holy Word our entire lives rather than say, just twice, like our president, according to our ex president, his father, Herbert Walker. No one out there actually believes that our president is a born again Christian, do they??? This is a very dangerous man that we have been directed to elect, at the helm of the most powerful war machine the planet has ever known. The man is an Illuminist, thoroughly steeped in freemasonary, whose loyalty lies with the all seeing eye, and whose ambition it is to bring about the new world order. Fortunately, God will step in at the last minute to prevent us from annihilating ourselves. You see, it's the brainstorm of the elite ruling class, that have decided to wipe out the majority of the burdensome people, in order that we start fresh. They have created too many problems to overcome. If they remove the old, the stupid, the lazy, the ill, the poor, why, we could have a shot at a much better handle on planet management. The reality is that there are too many of us to keep their sacred secret anymore, so it's time to make their move. The Bible has the number of dead at about five BBBBBBillion. The technology that exists will not only make it possible to achieve their goal but it will expose them as well.

If any wish a scriptural base for any of this, beyond what I have offered then brace up your minds for activity, for the Lord of Hosts has seen it fit that only those who keep on seeking, will be awarded the privilege of increased knowledge.

Christian love to you all
Mr. Steve

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