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no_thing remains the same
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Published: 16 years ago
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no_thing remains the same

Sofia I have a body that is just like my physical body. I have NO-MIND to pay to it though because I Am not this body. This body only manifested in flashes at times to show what attachments I had remaining. These experiences were not during sleep or during trauma. They occurred while I was lucid and simply allowed what IS to manifest. What IS is always here and I simply allowed it to descend upon me. It felt as I was ascending yet It was "Truth" that was descending upon me. Truth is pretty huge to provide the feeling of bodily ascension. I had felt this feeling at times before and allowed the veil to raise and when I saw the "Truth" fear shut it back down to the more comfortable maya. A "you cannot handle the truth type thing"
Truth is just that and when you are not prepared (Attachments)It hurts.

My first experience the body was crucified and I beheld all of creation standing at my feet to see what I would do. (I know this sounds a familiar story) I realized I could call a legion of angels to rescue me. I saw those who loved me and those who mocked me and realized I could seek revenge I felt extreme fear and loss of self. I felt all the pain of ALL people and was able to sincerely say "Forgive them for they do not know they are in the midst of "illusion" and "Truth" began descending upon me. White doves were flying to my eye what seemed like a long time. It felt as If I was being raised up. I noted my body and that I was in between breaths and felt no physical pain So I let go of the body, saw it as not mine and lost attachment to it. This all happened in my bedroom my arms raised up gently as I allowed them and I was translated into the open countryside. I was not forced into this vision and did nothing to maintain it. I could have simply not allowed it yet I did.

My second experience I was resurrected and was shown All things by my inner guru. Since I had several images of the ultimate Teacher he changed form several times to a sort of "Grand Architect" to an old indian man to other gentle personalties one may recognize. The Indian man spoke to me mostly very gentle in a way I appreciate. He told me truths and I had no fear, he showed me how to let go and "allow" the guru was projected on a friend that I was talking to who instantly helped me perceive a moment. I remained in that moment and time was no longer. I marveled and my usually quite disturbed friend became a teacher and showed me that I Am That "I Am" I beheld all of creation projected from self and laughed. This took place when my friend used a "Stop and smell the flowers" technique to allow me to retain in a particular moment outside of time.

My third experience is noted below.

As I walked through the countryside with rivers and streams and greenery (YES it was a meadow) I realized I was more than the body I AM everything that IS. There are birds and animals and such yet I saw no other people. I will say that other people are part of Maya. All that I have known as people are aspects of SELF. This is difficult to comprehend until you experience it by Knowing, otherwise it is a hard saying. Other people as I experienced them are not there in bodily form. It is only SELF with the learned experience of ALL who have ever existed. I was not lonely at all. What brought me back was what I see is a simple attachment seeing that I have gotten rid of most attachments this attachment to a small pleasure I experience in bodily form. Although I Know this pleasure has it's counterpart. I made a decision to remain. I fully believe I can go experience the other side whenever I decide to allow. I got to a hedge that served as a gate entrance and saw a garden. I was at the threshold yet decided to go back. The door is open I already know that so I can go back at anytime. There is a lot in experiencing. Before this experience ended an everlasting series of white doves again flew at my eye carrying a banner of white light it struck my eye with brilliant purple flashes and I saw the chakras and felt energetically something that is familiar and some adjustment took place. I heard a voice saying "it is good he has decided to go and bring Eve back also"

I will add this on what is termed "enlightenment" it is not a grand accomplishment it is here NOW and at all times. It is simply "KNOWING" the truth. One can exist anywhere and everywhere once they realize experientially the simple truth. One would hardly recognize an enlightened being in the world of maya.



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