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Re: Liver is blocked but am very sick, what should I do first?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Liver is blocked but am very sick, what should I do first?

Hi Lisa

If you can get that liver unblocked..... I think therein lies the key.

I too have multiple chemical sensitivities and am allergic/intolerant to gluten, soy, dairy, scillicillates, amines, sulphites - the list goes on and on. Also autoimmune hypothyriodism.

Basically, all I was eating was rice, the occasional carrot (one every three or four days - more would topple me), steamed fish, steamed chicken, ice berg lettuce and potatoes. That was really, really it for the last year or two. And water, I couldn't tolerate any other type of fluid. Literally the list I have written - no flavourings - no nothing.

However, I was functioning relatively normally - although catching a whiff of someone's perfume was enough to knock me for the rest of a day and having to use a public toilet - I would very nearly be physically ill with the smell - which on occasion was just air freshner - and would leave looking like I had been sick and again taking hours to recover.

I started the Master-Cleanse - which for me was a breeze in alot of ways, precisely because I didn't have food knocking me around. I didn't have to deal with the food chemicals.A huge load was lifted.Even though normally I wouldn't be able to handle lemon and cayenne pepper - I think that because my body didn't have to deal with anything else, it managed. It got better at it as time went by.

With great fear and trepidation I did a Liver Flush on day 10 of my fast. I was so afraid. So afraid of a set-back.If there was a set-back, how bad and how long to recover? I was soo scared.

Olive oil has been off the menu for years - we are talking migraine territory here on tiny amounts.And lemons had also been off the list for a while. I was hoping that with the fasting my reactions would not be so extreme, but I prepared for the worst.

My flush went really well - though you will know from reading this site that every flush is different and it could have gone differently.

I stayed on the fast because I felt so good and flushed again aroun day 27 I think. I didn't do the parasite cleanse because I tried the tincture in the first week of my fast and got a migraine from it straight away. I have been too afraid to try it again, even though many worms came out during my fast and I ordered a zapper instead, which hasn't arrived yet.

I started coming off the fast around day 29 and I was scared!! There was only one way off and that was juices and juices have always given me migraines - just a mouthful and I would feel ill.

However, with the fast and two flushes behind me I juiced and I was fine. I could eat fruit for the first time in years without mouth ulcers ,the skin peeling off my gums, headaches and diarrhea. I did a third flush last weekend and my energy levels have stepped up again.

I know that my path is not your path ( I didn't have candida etc and could to the Master-Cleanse - I do know someone who did it with candida and the die-off was really harsh and lasted 4-5 days)- your body is unique and your needs specific to you - but the key that I see in all this is the detoxing of my liver and gall bladder. That must be your goal. Get your BM's regular and go for it.

I am eating papaya, watermelon, asparagus, juicing carrots and more and I feel great and sleep like a baby. I have to spend time on the toilet, because now I do real pooh instead of a liquid dump!!I don't feel like sleeping during the day at all.

I have been tested and the tests show that all my allergies are gone. I am too scared to dive in and potentially lose all that I have gained, but I am slowly introducing foods- like the ones listed above. I am still dairy, gluten and soy free and have no great desire to reintroduce them. But it would be so wonderful if I didn't have to be afraid of them - you will know what I mean. Having to constantly quizz people about the oil used etc etc afraid of a reaction.

I went into a stinky public bathroom tonight - my friend felt sick from the smell and I was fine. You will understand what that means.That was just huge!! It is so different not having to negotiate my world around smells!!!

Speaking of smells - if you do succede in flushing your liver - there you will find the smell to end all smells - especially the first couple of times!!!

I guess I just want to encourage you - there is an answer for you in this site - if you can negotiate, find your way through it - a way that works for you. Trust yourself to find what you need and to take what you need from here.

I wish you all the best on your healing journey.

Love and Light

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