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Parasite Plagues - Asthma, Allergies, TMJ, Consitipation and MORE!

Turmeric Bowel Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Turmeric Bowel Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 19 years ago
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Parasite Plagues - Asthma, Allergies, TMJ, Consitipation and MORE!

For nearly nine years I have been treated for asthma -developed after repeated bouts of pneumonia, allergies to everything inside the home - outside the home - and all food except meat, skin problems such as rosacia/ and indestructable warts - they even tried chemotherapy - 15 shots in the sole of my foot, constipation -I was the "incredible" machine, I could eat as much as my husband, loose weight and never poop!, and fatigue -I went to the ER for sleeping 23 of 24 hours a day/ the hard part of which was that sometimes my mind would be awake but my body wouldn't respond, my eyelids wouldn't open or my arms and legs move. The doctor's however could see nothing wrong with me. So, they sent me to the "head" doctor. Where I received my first diagnosis after eight years and thousands of dollars - I had ADHD.

In January of 2002, my husband, who is an Episcopal priest (they can get married - thought for a moment this diary was going to get real interesting, heh), got a two and a half month Sabbatical opportunity for our family in an orphanage in Mexico. There we were told to not worry about the water (we were up in the Mountains). Well, I didn't take my Intestinal Corrective #1 formula with me (though I remembered my ADHD medicine) so I pooped maybe twice our whole stay (I won't go into all the reasons to avoid the bathroom when your the only woman in a boys orphanage in Mexico).

Needless to say upon our return, I was extremely ill. At this point, I would like to say that I had been introduced to Dr. Schulze 's Pharmacy (1.800.herb.doc) before in 1998. In fact, it was his formula #1 that enabled me to get off PERPULSID (spelling?), a drug that was later removed from pharmaceutical shelves for causing fatal liver failure in the trials and first years on the market and in conjunction with Superfood enabled me to walk again, literally, helped me get up from the bed, stand and take steps. I drank it 5 times a day in water (I didn't have the strength at that time to worry about making it taste good). Since May of 1998, I had been trying, to no avail, to "earn the right to cleanse" (2-3 bowel movements a day, one-half an hour after I ate). Funds, which had been depleted by nearly a decade of doctoring, could only allow 15 #1 tablets a day, and that was more than our alloted monthly grocery bill.

After Mexico, I was extremely ill, and I knew regardless of diagnosis, I did not have much strength left. My "life's energy" felt sucked out of my blood. I purchased my first Incurables program. Five days after I arrived home mid March 2002, I was doing Dr. Shultze's Incurables and NOT my version of his program either (read "There are no Incurable Diseases"). I have been through the program 4 times now and I am better. (I have my stories I need to forward for his letter file.) On the 14th day of my first program, 24 hours after a colonic/colon hydrotherapy, I released a 12" tapeworm. Since, I have released all sorts of snakes, bugs and could it be, white "spiders?" certainly let's not forget the crustacian type critters - who can forget their legs, eyes and pointed tails. I flushed them all.

In June, I went to a prominent university hospital in Michigan and drew my zoo life friends. I had 15 seconds after the white "spider" before they left the room assuring me that the good news was that these organisms were released, that I should stay away from colon hydrotherapy and that "all organisms have a lifespan and eventually die." That analysis, still, makes no sense to me, and judging by the way I felt, I was wondering if these organisms mightn't outlive me.

In the beginning of August, I did a BIO-MERIDIAN baseline with a prominent former professor of a Michigan Chiropractic School (this is two and a half Incurables later). Every organ in my body failed with the exception of my heart. The machine revealed parasites as the problem. I expressed some concern that the treatment might need to be very strong, maybe even in excess. Follow-up on the homeopathic meds the next morning led to an increase off 10X, at my return visit a month later an increase of 30X. The second visit's homeopathic meds, while increased, had no significant effect (after 3.5 Incurables, my body is really communicating). This clinic did send out a collection of a small bowel purge to a reputable nation wide known lab - that lab revealed no parasites.

Dec. 10th I began yet another Incurable program. 15 feet of small black casing was eliminated, similar to that removed from my large bowel in April, between the 10th and the 25th (all I wanted for Christmas was my health - you?). January 03, I began to try coffee enema's and parasites like little yellow jellyfish started releasing by the hundreds and surely now thousands. The colon hydrotherapist confirms that they are parasites that come from water. It's Feb. 04, I am still on my juice fast with an occasional baked potato (I never knew the skin could taste so good).

I am at a loss, however, as to where to I go from here?

Oh, asthma, allergies, warts, rosacia, moles, stretch marks, varicose and spider veins, etc. were all removed during my first Incurables program - not to mention the fuzzy-ish kiwi sized thing that dropped out of my colon.


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