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candida is like a wet sponge. and what I am doing that appears to be working to clear up the candida.
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Published: 18 years ago
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candida is like a wet sponge. and what I am doing that appears to be working to clear up the candida.

Mine looks like, white to yellowish small fluffy stuff.

I am not taking antifungals of any kind or eating anything
of the detoxifing nature, or doing any sweating therapy, just the opposite. I am eating building foods.

I came up with a theory that if I build up my tissues including those of the intestinal walls, the yeast would have no place to live.

this is my little theory:

this is what I believe happened in my body, but your body may be different. I am a defecient, very thin person.

1. the cause of my candida, in my opinion was:
lack of exercise,
tons of Antibiotics , and other precriptions
too much asprin (daily pain as a kid)
too much cold weather,
too much iced tea (kills digestive fire)
little sunshine (sunshine kills mold on contact why would it not
do the same in the body),
stress (digestion get cold when muscles get warm and ready to
fight or flee),
weak constitution at birth (I was a third child of close spacing)
having a baby while I was underweight.
a poor diet (white sugar, white flour, stripped salt, processed

[candida is a damp disease]

like a wet sponge:
wet tissue is cold
wet tissue is damp
wet tissue does not get enough oxygen
wet tissue is weak and limp
wet tissue can not absorb nutrients
wet tissue can not absorb new water, is already saturated
wet tissue gets weak and tired: it gets little oxygen, food, and
heat to burn food and burn off toxins, to dry fluids and
create body warmth and to build body tissues
a cold body does not move blood or lymph fluid well, so it
stagnates like a scummy pond.

2. tissues that get no food or oxygen - die.
dead tissue needs to be discarded and replaced
Liver is too weak to remove dead tissues and ouside toxins
leading to chemical sensitivities
Body does not have the energy or raw materials to replace
dead tissue if diet is poor.
dead tissue takes up space live tissue should be.
dead tissue attracts yeast and paracites (like a vulture is
attacted to a road kill)
dead and diseased and missing tissue in your body is like
a board with a bunch of nail holes - not at strong.

If the board in your garden is rotting and attracting carpenter
ants, do you spray it with pesticides? You could, but the
bugs will come back until you replce it with good wood.

I tried to do the parasite herbs and the other cleanses,
removing fillings, taking suppliments, it made me worse,
weaker and thinner.

So, I am trying a different tactic now:
I eat no cleasing foods.
I do no cleanses.
I take no suppliments (all suppliments make me loose weight)
I am tapering of all precriptions slowly withthe goal of
being free of them altogether and forever.
I eat warming food.
I eat only cooked food.
I eat no food cold from the frig.
I warm my bottled water a bit to take the chill off.
I drink less water. (Water is cold and cleansing)
I eat only building foods.
I avoid all spices. (most are cleansing)
I avoid draining my energy by over exercise.
I plan to spend a lot of time in the sun this summer to dry
the dampness in my body. I tried to sit in the sun
yesterday but it made me cold and weakened me and a weak
body is a target for yeast.
I do Y-dan each morning or go for a short walk.
I do not eat late at night to rest my digestion.
I try to get plenty of rest.
I try to stay warm.
I avoid stress by asking my husband for help now - I was way
too independant before. I think he feels more needed
now too.

What I am trying to acomplish in my body is to:

to increase body warmth.
The body needs warmth to:
have energy,
to digest,
to dry a damp body.

to build strong body tissues from quality whole foods.
dead tissue attract pathogens. (it rots)
dead tissue is not strong tissue, leaves holes in muscles,
colon wall, viens, stomach, heart, etc. pathogens exist
only where dead tissue and other toxins exist.
dead tissue is usually absorbed and recycled by the liver
but if the liver is also weak, this does not happen. And
dead empty blood cells keep floating in the blood stream,
making the blood harder to move and be able to take on
oxygen and feed all the cell of the body. Lack of oxygen,
nutrients cause more tissue to die.
dead tissue makes it hard for the organs to do their jobs.
dead tissue does not have energy. leaving all the work to the
remaining living cells.

to avoid anything even remotely cleasing to:
avoid loosing more body cells.
avoid loosing weight.
because that approach made me worse .
cleansing is the oposite of building which is what I am doing

note: this is only a theory and each and every person is differnet.
This theory will self destruct in 10 seconds.

funny thing is it is working. I am getting less constipated, passing yeast, feeling happier, less tired, less bloating, less constant hunger.

Time will only tell if it will keep working.

My only real advice is if it ain't working, stop doing it. try only one new suppliment at a time. If you don't feel better or if you feel worse stop taking it. Same for all food, if you feel lousy
if you eat it, on the candida diet or not, don't eat it.

Another interesting thing was that, when I was a kid, my mom thought I was a fussy eater, but did not make me eat anything that I did not want to eat. As I got older, I got embarased to not be eating what the other teenagers and later, college kids were eating. So I started eating the foods I just hated like: pizza, spaghetti, chinese food, brocolli and cheese, olives, banana, apples and oranges, eggs.

I can eat none of these foods now. I am basically back to what I enjoyed most as a kid: lots of meat, green beans, no dairy, beets, etc. My diet is limited due to candida now, but when I add back foods, I will start with foods that I gravitated towards as a kid.

Kids are very intuitive: they will eat what is best for them if given the chance, I am not talking about offering them cake or peas, but if good wholesome food is offered, they will eat the thing their bodies most need at the time. Have you every notied that small children rarely over eat.

My daugher and husband like foods completly different than I do. I looked up their body types in my book and they gravitate automatically toward foods which are good for their constitutions.
I don't know how I am supposed to cook though. What is good for them is, cooler, cleansing type food and spices and what is good for me is, warmer, building food that and bland and more salty.

What is working for us now, is that, we all cook for ourselves.
My diet is too boring for them, only meat and veggies and very bland
due to my candida and building my body up. My husband works late and goes out a lot in the evenings so not home for supper much anyway. I can not go out with him due to my MCS. My daughter is not home much for supper since, she is always at her boyfriend's house. I had to stop cooking for me and separately for them, when my candida had gotten so bad, that I was too tired for all that cooking and cheated by nibbling on the good food that I cooked for them and this aggravated the candida.

I hope progress continues for me. WISH me luck.

mary - aka ame = a ME not a you. so there.


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