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Re: Threelac and Hydroxygen encouraged
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Threelac and Hydroxygen encouraged

Hey Taylor,

I am taking threelac (five times a day) and hydroxygen (three times a day with it) and modifilan (six pills in the morning), my diet is pretty much very low carb. I eat protien and healthy fats, and I avoid all dairy and sugar, and fermented products like pickles and what not. I also try to stay below 20 carbs a day, like the atkins diet, so that I don't get too much Sugar in my blood stream. So pretty much.. no flour, no gluten, no breads, no pastas.. none of that.. and no Sugar and no dairy, and no fermented items..(by the way.. I only drink distilled water as well.. and I also avoid caffine.. which can turn to Sugar in your blood stream)

I usually eat something like.. tuna on celery.. (with homemade mayo.. if you want the recipe I'll give it to you) or plain chicken, and spinach.. or eggs.. or something like that. But I also fast a lot when I'm in pain. Over the years, I've found that this is really the only way I can relief my pain. So, some may disagree.. but it works for me, so I do it.

I am actually going to hit my two week mark on threelac tomorrow. At first I really noticed a difference. Then I got my monthly cycle, (period) and got extremely ill again. All my symptoms seemed to have come back. But they are slowly fading again. I think it will actually be pretty up and down, due to die off. And I've read several places that it can take up to three months to rid Candida from your body while using threelac.

So far though, it seems to me, that threelac and hydroxygen are working better for me than anything else has to date.

I've taken.. Diflucan, Sporanox, Nystatin. I've tried the candida wellness center approach. (which is VERY expensive) I've done garlic and oil of oregano, and grapeseed oil extract.. along with all different kinds of probiotics. I've made my own yogurt for a time as well.. to try and make sure I was getting a good healthy amount of friendly flora.. I've even spent the huge amount of money to take primal defense at 12 pills a day. Nothing.. Nothing.. has helped me remotely up to this point.(Wait, no.. primal defense moved my bowls a little.) And I have the blood tests on paper to prove it.. *sighs* it's been tough.. and painful. So I sympathize with you.

Anyways.. I'm still definately not 100%. And I still have my ups and downs. Last week was dreadful. I thought I wasn't getting any better after that downhill turning point... but apparently the die-off symptoms can mimick the candida symptoms themself. One of the main reasons I honestly think it's working.. is because.. I can actually feel my stomache working now.. as apposed to before when I always felt like my food just sat there.. and I felt bloated and swollen. Actually there are a few reasons I think it's working. I have started having regular bowl movements.. (I haven't had this in years!) The plaque on my tongue at first went away.. although it's back now.. it's not nearly as heavy, it looks as though it's really clearing up. I actually have some small spurts of energy now. Which I haven't had in years as well. And although my stomache is still bloated, my swelling symptoms that I used to get everytime after I ate.. is completely gone now. Everytime I ate in the past I used to swell.. I was guessing from allergies.. but I was allergic to everything! My hands, my face.. my legs.. would all swell up like a balloon. That is gone now.

I still feel like I'm not digesting my foods 100%. And my skin is breaking out on and off.. and when I first started threelac I broke out in a rash all over my skin, which is not completely gone yet, although it has faded tremendously. I still get heartburn.. it faded at first.. but is back again.

I don't know what else to say..I don't feel like I'm completely over this thing yet.. so it's hard to say that what I'm doing is right. I'm hopeful though.. and I would say to definately try threelac at this point. But I can't say 'yes, it worked for me' as of yet, because I don't feel I've stayed the full course of it as of yet. I honestly think it will take me the full three months for it to work. And I'm considering going on a fast again, to speed things along and cut out the pain once again, because I just can't bear the pain I get from eating. Although it's definately faded!.. it's still there.

I really hope this information helps you.. and if you do start taking threelac, that you will keep in touch with me and let me know of your progress.. I can always use the encouragement. And I won't feel so alone in this battle.

Thank you. *smiles*

ps.. almost forgot.. on really bad days.. I take two tablespoons of olive oil at night on an empty stomache before I go to bed.. to help with elimination in the morning. It's the most natural way I've found to do this.. without the clumping of fibers in my gut which I have a hard time with. And also I take msm.. I'm hoping this is helping get rid of some of the toxins and helping my gut heal... eventually I plan on taking L-Glutamine again, to help with the healing of my gut.. after the threelac works.. if it does work. (let's keep our fingers crossed);)Also.. sorry to drag on and on.. but msm really seems to help with my skin when I have breakouts.. and seems to help my hair and nails as well.

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