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Published: 18 years ago


Dear friends i know how hard it is to deal with acne, as a female 28 and ex model and dancer i had never experience such frustration and depresion before in my life.
I had had oliy skin until i was about 25 , then my skin was normal and clear and only broke up with one or 2 pimples before my period.
im a vain girl , since i use to work as a model and many times had to apear in magazines and adss from my country, i knew every beauty secret and diet as u can imagine...
at 27 , about 6 months ago , i split with my husband after 4 months of marriage (he got another girl!!) i changed countries and startes from 0 after 9 years in the i live in germany and still cant comunicate well but things are better ..
After that suden change my sking changed like my life.
Slowly i strated breaking up with one or 2 painfull cyts in my jawline , then my back was full , later i even got them in my tummy¡¡¡..jeeeks..
the 3d month was so strong that i felt the pain present whenever i go ,and coulnt wear pony tails no more, it was all red ,itchy , deformed and swolen, all across my neck , jawline and back..i hated myself even thought I could be better dead ...(i cant believe how i felt now!)

in the 4th month my boyfriend took me to a derm who gave me strong soaps and creams that made my problen worse.
we also made a hormonal test and teh levels where fine.
i was desperate , there was no single day i didnt cry ,i didnt want to meet my friends, or work , or dance or even go out of the house....
i tried every thing from , b5 ,urine therapy, vitamins ,quit drugs , smoke , alchool , took saunas ..but nothing would make it better.
At one point i was really sensitive and the minimum would affect me and make me break in tears ..(poor of my boyfriend)
we went to a chinese doctor and told him my story..
he ask about my past and many many questions as well as looked at my tongue and check my pulse...
finally he told me my liver was contaminated by negative emotions , sadness , fear , unger, alchol ect ect and couldnt process my hormones ..(i also had painfull period and strong PMS and mood changes)

..he made acupunture to release heat from my liver , and gave me honeysuckle tea...
within 2 weeks , 50%of my problem was gone.
now ,after a month ive no pimple alive but only pink scars left that i hope will go away after a peeling or something ..
im full of energy , i dont cry anymore , i see life ina different way and im very much more relax ...and i look super again !
here is my advice and how i solved my problem, please try to be as accurate as posible for at least 2 months, and then slowly return to some old habits and check what really trigers your acne...

1-Change your attitude ! , laugh , dont get upset , breath deep , relax , love yourself even if u look terrible, try just to be a good person , do not fight with people, tell your problem to your friends and family , dont keep it just for will feel much better.

2- some sport , Yoga is the best of all , swiming too.

3-get enought sleep , saunas and relaxing baths .

4-change your diet drastically , no more milk products at all , no cheese pleasee!!!, no more pasta or bread , believe me eat JUST vegies and fruits and if u are too hungry some brown Sugar at all please.
this is very important !!
5-when u wake up , drink the fresh juice of 2 lemons and 5 spoons of extravirgin olive oil before breakfast , (your breakfast should be only fruits) ...its nasty but u will see what it does to your digestive system , its incredible ! this is also very important, the clue to stop breaking up.
6-Quit smoking and drinking alchool.if u cant stop drinking , beer is not so bad but remember that alchol is very liver damaging .

7- after 2 to 4 weeks of eating Vegies and Fruit ,fast on water, milkthistle , honeysuckle and or artichoke tea for 3 days .i know its hard but only after the 2 nd day you start the real detox.this made a miracle to my skin after a month of all teh above.

8-get a chinese doctor that u trust and get some acupunture , he will know what to do in your case.
after my first session of acupunture i had to go to the bathroom for one hour and it ws teh bigest relief in months.

9 - if u are a woman like me in your 20s or 30s , and you think your Acne si also related with hormones, please buy VITEX or chesterberry , this is a great homephatic remedy for teh cure of hormonal problems , you will need to use it for 2 or 3 months to see results but it works, also very good for PMS

10-other helpers for woman with hormonal Acne .
-review your love life and sex life and try to fix any problems ...
-do things that make u feel femenine
-reduce your weight in 5 % at least , very important.
-geranium essential oil is great for hormonal levels.
-Evening primrose oil too
licorice root decreases testosterone and tastes jummy.

please write me if any doubts and excuse my english, im foreighn .
good luck !! im happy after 6 months of sever cystic evil Acne in my neck and jawline!!

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