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Re: The Rosacea Cure: A Natural Approach
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: The Rosacea Cure: A Natural Approach

Greetings Dan

You have some great questions. My comments are below.

One Love,

I asked the same questions of you on Curezone, I'm not sure which
board you check more often.


Sorry, I don't check very often. They need email notification here for responses.

You stated that: "When there is excess heat and toxins, the skin
becomes a route for eliminating these two items resulting in skin
disorder. The primary causes for heat and toxins are inappropriate
diet, stress, and negative emotions. These factors congest the liver
and gallbladder disrupting their normal functioning. Heat and toxins
overflow from these organs into the blood, which rises to the face
affecting the skin."

Could you explain the following?  Why are 70% of the cases of rosacea
in women?  Do they encounter a worse diet, emotions, and more stress
than men?  Why are 95% of rosacea sufferers of Celtic, or Northern
European descent?  Do we have worse diets, stress, and emotions than
the rest of the population?  Why is only the face affected?  Wouldn't
all the skin be affected?


Using the lens of eastern medicine, western medicine, and common sense, my view is that women have a more delicate physiology. The harsh yang pitta (fire) increasing unbalanced modern diet high in fried red meat, saturated fat, white flour, White Sugar , processed dairy products or what I call the Mc Donalds' diet is detrimental to a delicate physiology. We are all test subjects of this modern diet. The results are in. It does not work! Fortunately, rosacea is not life threatening unlike other health issues people experience with this diet.

Regarding Northern Europeans, I feel there are simply a higher number of pitta (fire) body types in that population who eat a unbalanced pitta increasing diet. Perhaps statistical analysis will someday verify that.

Modern diet lays the foundation for congestion, and the modern unbalanced lifestyle of high stress plus being sedentary adds another layer of congestion that seals the deal.

In terms of the face, Chinese medicine says heat rises in a upward direction. The gallbladder meridian rises up both sides of the cheeks where the energy flows. That is why emphasis is on cleansing the gallbladder and liver. Also the colon is key and it gets cleansed in this healing process too. Meridians are energy pathways which western medicine has yet to recognize. Why someone gets eczema or another skin disorder instead of rosacea is something I am still investigating.

"Why some get rosacea and others do not with the same factors, is due
to individual metabolism."

Shouldn't we then eat to suit our individual metabolisms?  Shouldn't
Northern Europeans, and Celts be eating a diet which suits their
individual metabolisms?  A diet high in fat, meat, and fish - and low
in fruits, and carbs.  Is the "modern diet" responsible?


Yes, we should be eating a diet according to our individual metabolism. That is why this process recommends eating a diet according to your Ayurvedic body type to stay in balance. Growing up in California, I have seen every form of health philosophy and diet come and go. After over twenty years of experimentation, study, and talking with people, the Ayurvedic model of diet is rock solid. I also use the Chinese model of diet for a second perspective. Why are these models so effective? Because they are both based on the five elements of nature. These diet models are not based on one individuals theory to sell a book.

Cultures normally adopt a diet suited to the season, temperature, and available food. A cold climate dictates a more warming diet. In addition to eating according to your body type, Ayurveda also recommends eating according to the season. Yes, I feel the modern diet is the primary cause. The modern diet has only been around about 50 years.

Just some questions which are unclear to me.  I am not attcking your
theory, just looking for answers, like everyone else.  Thank you.



I have had the same questions too. Heat and toxins in the blood causing skin disorder and bad diet is not my perosnal theory though, I am just reflecting the view of both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Kind regards

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