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ocular rosacea
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Published: 15 years ago

ocular rosacea

I have Acne rosacea. For over a year I have eye problems, and the eye doctors knew I had rosacea, yet said nothing of the possibility that Acne rosacea sufferers can also suffer from ocular problems. Because the eye aspect was let go, my eye glands started to block. After a miscarriage, my face flared and I had to see the derm doc, I mentioned the eye problem, and was told the eye problem was indeed related to the Acne rosacea and at this point I needed Antibiotics . I did minocin for a month with slight improvement. I also did metralotion which does nothing during major flare. I had to stop the oral pills as we are trying to get pregnant again. The derm doc said there may be a hormonal component that makes me flare so badly. They now gave me cleocin(instead of metralotion) and desowen(desonide- Antibiotic steroid cream)both are giving some facial relief. . I already do the eyelid scrubs and warm compresses with no relief.

I am not so concerned about how my face looks, but I am very concerned about my eyes. I have seen so many eye doctors prior to being told by the derm doc I have ocular rosacea, as well as after. I had complete exams, by MD eye docs which they find nothing of major concern. Prior to being diagnosed with ocular rosacea by derm doc, I was told by eye doc I had pink eye, allergy conjunctivitis, eye allergies, and was prescribed eye drops that did nothing or made matters worse. After telling the eye docs my derm doc said I have ocular rosacea, they said it “could be” ocular rosacea and if so it’s nothing serious, just a nuisance, and they give me wetting drops. They have prescribed nothing for the redness, or itchiness. My eyes are red, and dry, blurry, my vision seems worse (even after new glasses), I have photophobia. My last eye exam I had borderline high eye blood pressure. I now have white foamy stuff in the corners of my eyes. Yet my eyes don't crust or show signs of any sort of infection, no ulcers. I have scars on each of my lower eyelids, they said could be from a lot of things. My eyelashes are falling out, and they are all deformed. The derm doc does not help me with the eye problem, only the acne part of it. Also, when the rosacea flares, the eyes get worse, then my face and hair become excessively oily, everything gets out of control. So now I need lots of info from everyone for my next eye doctor visit so I am educated and so I can ask for appropriate treatment, I may postpone trying to get pregnant if they give me something to help my eyes.

What specific eye topical medications, including eye drops, cream or lotions for the eyelid, and oral medications as well as all other treatments are available to help the following:

reduce eye redness
help dry eyes
relieve eyelid itching and eyelash malformation and loss

I need everything you all have ever tried or are aware of to treat ocular rosacea

I have complete eye exams and eye dilations and nothing shows up. I am now a bit nervous if they aren't taking the eye problem more seriously, that they may have missed something, as I understand there are serious eye problems that can result from ocular rosacea. The reason I worry is that they told me it's not a serious problem, well it could be, so I feel I should have been told what to watch out for. ANY info you can provide me will be so appreciated.

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